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How to Watch Disney Plus in Europe

Having money won’t necessarily make you successful. Amazon Prime is an excellent example of that. It’s great, but it doesn’t compare to Netflix as far as TV content goes. Disney? It also has money, but instead of just making shows from scratch, it decided to buy some of the best companies at making movies and shows such as National Geographic and Fox, and it already owns giants such as Marvel and Lucasfilm, giving it a massive opportunity in the streaming space. Except, for the fact that Disney Plus isn’t currently going to be available in the US. And well, that’s why you are here searching for how to watch Disney Plus in Europe.

Why You Currently Need to Search for How to Watch Disney Plus in Europe

Surely, with Disney being such a big name, it would launch in all countries worldwide, and you wouldn’t have to search for how to watch Disney Plus in Europe, right? 

The problem is that it’s not as simple.

Not only is a lot of resources required to launch in a region to make sure service works smoothly, but you also need to have rights to the content in the country that you want to launch in, and that often costs.

In this case, Disney Plus does have a major advantage over Amazon Prime, and Netflix, as it owns all the content, it will show by investing an enormous amount of money in buying companies. But that doesn’t solve the issue of rights because Disney and some of the other companies Disney owns issued a lot of exclusive rights to streaming platforms in the past, and in order to show certain content in certain countries, it needs to wait for the contracts relating to rights, to expire.

So will Disney Plus ever come to Europe? Absolutely. Disney is a worldwide brand with everyone being aware of it. Therefore it’s just a matter of time before Disney comes to Europe, and until you don’t need to search for how to watch Disney Plus in Europe.

Until then? There’s a way to watch Disney Plus in Europe or anywhere else for that matter.

Now let’s explain in more detail.

How to Watch Disney Plus in Europe

Whether you want to watch Disney Plus in the UK or even outside of Europe in places like Canada, this is a relatively simple process.

To watch Disney Plus in Europe, you need to make Disney think that you are in the US.

And you do that by using a VPN.

A VPN allows you to stay protected on the internet by and change of IP, while it also allows you to change your location to be somewhere else. If you want to watch Disney Plus in Europe, by connecting to the right VPN server in the US, you will be able to bypass the geo-block on Disney Plus. 

What’s important is to have the right VPN, though. You won’t be able to watch Disney Plus in Europe if you connect to an American server that doesn’t support Disney Plus.

If you ever saw an advertisement for a VPN service, then you are probably aware that most services promote how many servers they have. If you want to watch Disney Plus in Europe or otherwise want to access DAZN or Hulu, quantity is not enough as while any service can bypass a block of an American news site that didn’t comply with EU regulations and isn’t available in Europe, if you want to watch Disney Plus in Europe, quality matters.

And that’s where PrivateVPN comes in with support for 21+ Netflix regions, DAZN, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more which you can read about on our blog.

PrivateVPN is available on Apple and Android devices, including the likes of Amazon Fire TV if you want to watch Disney Plus in Europe, on the big screen, and of course, available on desktop devices. However, due to the limits of Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, no VPN services work on these.

That’s How to Watch Disney Plus in Europe

Hesitant about joining Disney Plus in Europe? We made a blog post comparing Netflix to Disney Plus. It might help you decide on whether Disney Plus is worth it or not.

Written by Michael Smolski.