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How to Protect Yourself on the Internet During the Hong Kong Protests

Recent moves of China regarding Hong Kong have a lot of people worried. Protestors can easily get jail time and even jail time that can result in a life sentence. And the new laws, they allow for the police to request ISP providers to hand over your data. And that brings the question of how you can protect yourself on the internet during the Hon..

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Do You Need a VPN in Hong Kong

Recent events happening in Hong Kong have a lot of people worried, and that has got people asking whether you need a VPN in Hong Kong. But first... What’s Happening in Hong Kong If you are here because you are about to move or visit to Hong Kong, or are just interested in the current situation, let’s explain what is currently happening..

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How to Access Blocked Sites by the US Government

The World Wide Web might be “worldwide” but it for sure isn’t the same everywhere. Depending on where you are, regardless of who you are, you might not be able to access certain sites. And that’s not fair. Why should you not be able to book a holiday because the US government decided to block American companies from doing business in your c..

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How to Unblock Social Media in China in 2019

You arrive in China. You want to use Facebook, you want to use Instagram, and you realize that most of social media does not work in China. What do you do? You search for how to unblock social media in China in 2019. Except, this is one of those scenarios where you need to take action on, before you travel rather than when you get to China, as if y..

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How to Access Blocked Sites in Egypt While Staying Safe

No country is perfect with their laws, ideas, executions of plans, and so on, but while it’s okay to be imperfect, it’s not okay to block the internet from the masses preventing them from seeing what’s really going on. That’s dangerous. Really dangerous. If you are already in Egypt, there is a chance that you won’t be able to find this po..

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How to Get Unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted Airport for Free

Sure, Stansted airport offers free Wi-Fi for up to 4 hours, but Stansted is also a massive hub for unofficial in-direct flights from budget airlines that often consists of staying over for the full night at the airport, or otherwise most of the day. If you are waiting at Stansted for 6,8, or 10 hours then that 4 hours is nowhere near enough. And to..

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How to Access Google in China in 2019

You Googled for how to access Google in China in 2019. That means that unless you are not in Hong Kong, you are not able to access Google and search for this. If you are that person, we are sorry for you as you won’t be able to access Google in China in 2019, until you first leave China. If you didn’t go to China yet though or are in Hong K..

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How to Open Blocked Sites in the United Arab Emirates in 2019

The government of the United Arab Emirates requires internet providers to block sites that it finds inappropriate in 2019, and prior. We don’t know a country that hasn’t blocked some sites, but if you access the wrong site in the UAE in 2019, you might face jail time for up to 6 months. That’s why if you are reading how to access blocked site..

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How to Unblock Blocked Sites in Saudi Arabia in 2019

Saudi Arabia might be unblocking a lot of sites lately, but with that said, a lot of sites are still blocked in Saudi Arabia. That’s why you are searching for “how to unblock block sites in Saudi Arabia in 2019.” We’re not just going to help you unblock blocked sites in Saudi Arabia whether that’s services or entertainment. We are also go..

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Is a VPN Really Necessary in China in 2019?

The internet is known to twist things to sell products. Maybe you are going to China and have been told that you need a VPN and are wondering is a VPN really necessary in China in 2019? This post will break down why you most likely don’t but also why you should. Where Are You From? Where you are from will be a big factor when determin..

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