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VPN For Netflix

Unlock Your Favourite Netflix Shows Anywhere in the World

Say goodbye to geo-blocking and safely access all 5480 titles with the most trusted VPN for Netflix. Learn how to watch netflix through a VPN with PrivateVPN’s services and start streaming with any device today.

5 Star Rating Netflix VPN Features

  • Use VPN to watch Netflix and enjoy regardless of location
  • Unlimited bandwidth so you’re never left buffering
  • 2048-bit encryption keeps your account safe
  • Connect up to 6 devices to Netflix at once
  • Full 30-day money-back guarantee + support!

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Full 30-day money-back guarantee

The Best VPN for Netflix to Get Full Access

Did you know that depending on your location you only receive a small fraction of the entire Netflix catalogue? With the US Netflix boasting over 5400 of the latest movies and TV series, the UK, Australia, Central America and Europe selections are cut to just 38% on average, yet you still pay full price.

Country # of TV Shows # of Movies % of US TV Library (by title count) % of US Movie Library (by title count)
United States 1157 4593 100% 100%
United Kingdom 442 1586 38.20% 34.53%
Brazil 562 1672 48.57% 36.40%
Mexico 592 2406 51.17% 52.38%
Spain 236 1042 20.40% 22.69%
Australia 443 1585 38.29% 34.51%
Sweden 353 1767 30.51% 38.47%

Here’s a small list out of the 3,000+ shows and movies blocked outside Netflix US:

  • Futurama
  • Family Guy
  • House
  • Madmen
  • 30 Rock
  • The Walking Dead
  • The West Wing
  • The Hunger Games
  • New Girl
  • Lost
  • Frasier
  • Skyfall

Geo-blocking is causing you to miss out on over 60% of the potential entertainment and exciting new shows, it’s time to change that with a VPN that works with Netflix.

Unlock FULL Netflix


Stream Netflix with a VPN Built for Privacy and Security

With PrivateVPN’s custom-built VPN for Netflix you can easily bypass content geo-blocking in a matter of seconds, stream the latest shows and movies in HD quality and never worry about annoying buffering or flagged accounts.

  • Access the full US catalogue of movies and TV shows as soon as you sign up
  • Enjoy your home country’s Netflix whilst overseas
  • Stream in HD without buffering due to our unlimited-bandwidth HQNs
  • Switch to any Netflix region you choose for exclusive titles
  • Access other geo-restricted services such as BBC iPlayer from abroad
  • Use any public or private Wi-Fi overseas without sacrificing your account safety

Want to Access Your Native Netflix Account?

If you want to know how to use VPN to watch netflix in other countries, it's simple.

You can use Netflix based in any of these countries whilst being anywhere else in the world, all with a single click. Simply select an IP address in the country you wish to sign into, connect, and log into your home Netflix as normal. You can then enjoy TV and movies exclusive to your country, as well as subtitles. Watching Netflix with VPN has never been easier.

How to Watch Netflix With a VPN

Step 1: Download

Download and install the dedicated PrivateVPN software for your device.

Step 2: Log in

Select any country you wish to be using VPN for Netflix and hit connect.

Step 3: Connect

Connect to your chosen Netflix region and enjoy streaming your favourite shows in high-definition!

We’ve Never Had a Data Breach

After successfully encrypting over 15,000 Terabytes of data and protecting our user’s private information, it’s no wonder our customers stick with PrivateVPN for years, even after trying other providers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a VPN Work?

Your internet service provider (ISP) provides you access to the content you are looking for. However, your ISP can track your usage, and so can other internet users. When you use a VPN, you connect through an encrypted connection, also known as a VPN tunnel. 

Using a VPN is untraceable, allowing you to hide your location and protect your identity and personal information.Some VPN services may still track your online actions, but PrivateVPN does not log any of your activities. This allows you to browse, stream, and torrent safely, securly, and anonymously.

Does VPN Work on Netflix, and Is Using a VPN to Watch Netflix Legal?

Watching Netflix with VPN is legal. You can use our VPN app for Netflix to stream shows and movies from our extensive list of VPNs.

Didn’t Netflix Start Cutting Down On VPN Users From Overseas?

As they stated, yes. But this was merely a statement made to please Hollywood and sit-com creators who felt their movies and shows were being viewed by non-US Netflix customers.

Can Netflix Detect VPN?

Netflix has no way to keep track of all the 10,000s of VPNs that are connecting from around the world. In most cases, Netflix will not detect your use of a VPN. 

PrivateVPN has plenty of US-based IP addresses for you to choose from, ensuring you’ll get to make the most of your Netflix subscription.

Will Downtime Interrupt My Streaming?

We’ve had a record-breaking 99.98% uptime since we launched in 2008, that’s why our customers love PrivateVPN as the best iOS VPN for Netflix, and the best mobile VPN for Netflix with uninterrupted entertainment!

Will Speed Cuts Mean Low-Quality Streaming or Buffering?

Unlike many VPN services, we purchase our internet capacity directly from IP transit providers. This coupled with our High-quality-network (HQN) servers mean you won’t experience major speed cuts.

In fact, many ISPs use Speed Throttling to slow your connection depending on your activities. Using a VPN bypasses this throttling since ISPs can’t see your activities, so some users actually experience increased internet speeds and better streaming.

Can I Use VPN for Netflix on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows?

Yes, we support most popular devices:

Laptop and Desktop - Use our PrivateVPN app for Windows / Mac / Linux

Smartphone and Tablet - Use our PrivateVPN app for iOS and Android

For Apple TV - Use VPN on your router.

Can You Use a VPN with Netflix Safely With Your Netflix Account?

Technically, Netflix’s systems will be tricked into thinking you’re in whichever location your VPN is located. Simply select a US-based IP and Netflix won’t have any reason for suspicion. Our military-grade encryption has NEVER been compromised since we launched in 2009. In short, yes, your account is safe

What If I Change My Mind and Want a Refund?

We are so certain that once you learn how to use a VPN to watch Netflix and you experience the vast watching opportunities from bypassing geo-blocking, we offer a 30-day money back-guarantee.

money back guarantee

You Have a Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If our service doesn’t give you access to every single title on Netflix US, live up to our high-speed standards and geo-unlocking claims, and let you relax with full peace of mind as you enjoy your nights packed with entertainment, we’ll refund you every last penny!

You don’t have to make a final decision right now, but you do need to take action to claim your 85% discount today. Simply try PrivateVPN for 30 days and decide if you want to keep your access to the full Netflix experience at the end. There’s zero risk!

Unlock FULL Netflix