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How to Get a VPN on Android and Why?

A VPN is like what a jailbreak is to an iPhone. It sets you free. It sets you free from any restrictions that you might encounter. But a VPN sets you free when it comes to the internet. But if you were searching for how to get a VPN on Android then you probably already know that. If you don't then here's what you need to know. VPN stands for Virtua..

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How to Unblock Websites in China

Internet and China don't get along. There are so many big internet apps and sites that you can’t access in China. Do you want to Google something? You won't get your answer. Do you want to learn something on YouTube? You can't. Do you want to tweet about your trip on Twitter? 140 characters limit? Well, in China, zero is the limit. Facebook? For..

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How to Use Amazon Prime Outside of the US and UK

Amazon Prime isn’t like Hulu. It doesn’t provide all the newest TV shows. It’s a lot like Netflix though, but it’s not just about TV shows or movies. Amazon Prime is about more than that. It’s also two million songs with Prime Music. You also get access to many free books and magazines. And if you love pictures, you get storage for them t..

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VPN for Windows - How and Why to Install

Why would you install something if you don’t need it, right? That’s the thing though. Most people don’t know what VPN stands for, and why you should have such a thing, or rather why you need it. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When you use it, you are connected to a virtual network, and that has many benefits that you need...

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Netflix - How to Unblock Any Content

The last post discussed how you can set up a Hulu account outside of the US but what if you don’t like TV shows and would prefer to watch movies? Hulu is great at TV shows but has a weak offer when it comes to movies. That’s where Netflix stands outs. Well, depending on where you live. Or where you travel. See, regardless of where you g..

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How to Install and Set up a Hulu Account Outside of the US

We all want to watch the newest TV shows when they come out in the best quality possible. And Hulu allows us to do that with best TV shows shortly after they come out. You don’t have to wait weeks to catch up on your TV show. The problem with it is that it's nearly impossible to create an account on it outside of the US. Unless you kn..

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Is It Possible to Stay Secure on the Internet

Unless you never used the internet, you have something to hide. Everybody has. That one stupid comment that you made. That one picture that you shared. That one song you downloaded. That piece of work that isn’t meant to be shared yet. We all have something to hide. If you have a password on your phone, the chances are that you have content..

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What Do You Need When Working While Traveling

One in five Americans works from home. Conclusion? More people work from home than ever before. But working from home in many cases means that you can also work from wherever you want. And many people take that route. Only to return home with no work done at all. That might not be a problem until you need to pay bills that you ..

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New version of Windows VPN app released

We have released a new version of the VPN app for Windows with version Change log 1. Added kill switch to Connection Guard tab - We've removed the application kill function and replaced it with a function that suspends all Internet traffic on interruption. 2. Added better version of IPv6 Leak Protection - Setting can be found unde..

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