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When is Disney Plus coming to Canada

You might have searched about when is Disney Plus coming to Canada and more likely got confused as the answers given often go against each other. Some sites mentioned that “it’s a safe bet given the “North America” regional rollout.” Yet, anyone that ever had to search for how to set up Hulu in Canada knows that North America tends to apply only to the US. However, Disney Plus is for sure coming to Canada, and we will explain why and when below.

Why and When Is Disney Plus Coming to Canada?

There’s plenty of services around the world that one would assume would be in Canada but never made it. Hulu is the greatest example of that. Despite a countless number of click-bait articles claiming that it is, it never did.

But if you were to compare Disney Plus to all the other streaming services out there, you could easily tell the difference. Disney, unlike other platforms, doesn’t pay to get rights to stream shows. It buys companies that own the rights. Whether that’s Marvel, National Geographic, 20th Century Fox, or Lucasfilm.

And that means, that once some of the contracts that Disney gives to companies for content streaming expire, it will be able to show whatever movie or show that they own in their extensive library, in any country.

If you are wondering when is Disney Plus coming to Canada, right now we can’t tell you when. but what we can tell you that unlike Hulu, Disney Plus will for sure be making it to Canada, and that’s due to what we mentioned about them having rights to content worldwide due to owning content rather than paying for rights.

Disney Plus Most Likely Won’t Be Around Until...

2020 the earliest but most likely until 2021.

It’s coming which is great, but considering the variety of content that’s coming with it, waiting until for a year or two to watch your favorite Marvel movies outside of a cinema isn’t ideal.

What can you do before Disney Plus comes to Canada so that you can access it anyway?

You can make Disney Plus think that you are in the US. Just like with Hulu which we covered many times on this blog.

And you do that by using a VPN.

VPN services allow you to change your location on the internet, meaning that you can be in Canada while watching American Netflix, Hulu, and now Disney Plus.

If you are aware of VPN services, then you know that while there’s many out there, with some coming with thousands of servers, not all are as great if you are looking for entertainment. That’s why PrivateVPN supports the most Netflix servers while having several thousand servers less than some of the more known brands.

Not every VPN will work with Disney Plus, and if the registration process is complicated, that will be covered on our blog around the release time, but if there’s one thing that we know, it’s that PrivateVPN will work with Disney Plus just like it works with all the other services that people care about such as DAZN and Hulu.

And until then, perhaps join Hulu by reading our guide about it.

Will Disney Plus Be Worth It When It Comes to Canada?

The great thing about Disney owning all of the content it will stream is that it can show it pretty much everywhere which right away puts it ahead of the likes of Netflix which is great until you leave the US (or if you don’t use PrivateVPN) but will the content be worth it considering it’s from Disney?

Absolutely. Disney Plus isn’t going to consist just of Disney work. All the Lucasfilm and Marvel movies will be heading there since Disney owns these companies. Same with all the content from Fox, with Fox creating the likes of Family Guy and The Simpsons. All the upcoming Avatar movies will be there too, and that’s just the tip of the Iceberg and not even all of that tip.

And the best thing? Disney Plus is going to be cheaper than Netflix.  

P.S. Hulu is now owned by Disney. What does that mean right now? We aren’t sure, but Disney for sure is making big moves, which is exciting as it will force Netflix to get creative, especially considering the price of Disney Plus. It also means that you can more than likely expect some sort of a deal for two of the services.

Written by Michael Smolski.