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Enjoy Internet Privacy and Freedom

  • We allow you to unblock content from anywhere
  • We hide your IP address to ensure anonymity
  • We keep no logs; your details are never shared with third parties

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Surf the Web Safely and Securely

  • We encrypt all your data and communication
  • We protect you against hackers
  • We keep you safe on both private and public connections

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Live Your Life in the Fast Lane

  • We use the highest quality providers to ensure high speeds
  • We provide super-fast P2P speeds
  • We never slow your internet speed based on usage

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Choose Your Subscription Plan

Compared to other VPN providers, we always include all VPN features. No speed limits, no server switch limits and no VPN protocol or server location limits.
Everything totally unlimited! We want you to be confident, that is why we offer a 7-days money back guarantee. Read more here

1 month plan

Use PrivateVPN for just a month. If you like it, you will come back!


per month

Billed $8.95 every month
7-day money-back guarantee

1 year plan

Our best seller!



per month

Save 33.5%
Billed $71.4 every 12th month
7-day money-back guarantee

3 months plan

Best middle term option.



per month

Save 18.2%
Billed $21.95 every 3rd month
7-day money-back guarantee

Why customers choose us!

VPN Analysis Editor’s Rating ★★★★★

“PrivateVPN is an above average VPN provider that has improved and worked out enough to cover all its rough edges. ... Overall, if you are looking for a logless VPN that supports P2P file sharing and provides simultaneous connectivity on multiple devices, the PrivateVPN is the absolute choice and definitely worth your money!”

— Dolores Atwell, VPN Analysis


This established VPN is very impressive, speeds are excellent and privacy is placed at a premium. A fair sized network that covers all the main locations you’ll need. Great client software that includes an auto-reconnect and an option to close specific programs if the connection is ever dropped. Competitively priced for the longer term plans.

— BestVPNForYou


PrivateVPN is one of the fastest and most secured VPN service providers in the market today. Their state of the art encryption and fast download and upload speed, makes their VPN service attractive to users who want to secure their data and information while conducting their activities online.

— DeepDotWeb