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How to Watch American Netflix in Ireland

American Netflix has around 50% more TV shows and movies than the Irish one. You are also paying around the same for Netflix in both countries. Content discrimination? Aha. That’s why you are here searching for how to watch American Netflix in Ireland.

But while the Netflix library in Ireland isn’t as bad as in some other countries that we wrote about prior such as Netflix in Saudi Arabia, it’s still pretty poor. Luckily there is a way to watch American Netflix in Ireland, and the steps aren’t too hard to execute upon either.

But Why Do You Even Have to Search for How to Watch American Netflix in Ireland?

That’s something you might be asking considering that instead of taking the illegal route, you are paying for your subscription, and paying as much for it as people in the US, yet, you aren’t getting your money’s worth back.

So why is Netflix just choosing to give you less content?

It goes down to rights.

It’s not that Netflix wants to be evil but that when you pay for content, you don’t just get rights everywhere. Most of the time, you get rights for a certain region with other regions costing more. Most of the customers of Netflix are in the US, and hence it makes more sense for Netflix to invest in American content rather than in showing content in Ireland where the population is tiny as it is.

It doesn’t mean that Netflix doesn’t invest in Ireland as there’s still a lot of content on Irish Netflix, it just must means that the Irish Netflix misses out on a lot of other content.

One thing that Netflix started doing in hopes of bypassing these problems is that they started creating a lot of their own content that can be shown in most countries, depending on the context of the content as censorship is alive and well across the world.

To sum up, if Netflix were to distribute content equally, it would go out of business pretty quick.

And let’s not forget, sometimes there’s also the issue of someone having rights to certain content in a certain country. That’s the reason for why Disney didn’t start their streaming platform yet. As Netflix still has rights to a lot of their content until summer. And how are you meant to show something if someone already shows it?

How to Watch American Netflix in Ireland

Watching American Netflix in Ireland is actually as simple as watching BBC iPlayer in Ireland which we covered before.

It goes down to changing your location, virtually. In this case, you, of course, need to be in the US.

That’s what a VPN, or more precisely PrivateVPN allows you to do.

With a VPN, you can connect to an American server and just based on that, you can watch American Netflix in Ireland.

Provided you use the right VPN service.

Now, we aren’t going to tell you that we are the best VPN for you as that depends on your needs. But as far as Netflix goes, we support the most Netflix regions on the market based on tests by Comparitech consisting of 5,000 manual tests which means that with PrivateVPN you can access the most Netflix content on the market. And while the American Netflix has the most content overall, every region tends to have its own exclusive content too. And we also work with the already mentioned BBC iPlayer but also DAZN, Amazon Prime, and even Hulu unlocking the gateway to seeing the content that you would not be able to see otherwise.

The thing about Netflix is that a significant number of VPN services don’t work with Netflix due to the fact that Netflix also works on breaking down VPN services due to the pressure from companies that hold rights to content to certain shows and movies that Netflix also has rights to, in certain areas.

And yes, we even support HBO NOW which will allow you to watch the 8th season of Game of Thrones in the highest possible quality without having to waste time searching for the new episode on the internet.

That’s How to Watch American Netflix in Ireland

It’s hard when you don’t know how to do it, but once you read the steps, it’s very damn simple.

If this helped you, we for sure recommend that you check out our blog to find other helpful content.

Oh, and lastly, enjoy your access to American Netflix responsibly.

Written by Michael Smolski.