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How to Watch DAZN in Europe on All Devices

Sports are beautiful, and so is DAZN. Being able to watch live sports that you actually want instead of overpaying for subscriptions that don’t show your favorite team because it’s not good enough, well that’s great. If you live in places like Canada. But most people in Europe can’t watch DAZN. Hence the question of how to watch DAZN in Europe on all devices.

Depending on your device, the steps will differ, but either way, you can pretty much watch DAZN in Europe on all devices, well, unless you use the Chromecast that doesn’t support this method.

To Watch DAZN in Europe You First Need to Make a DAZN Account


See, DAZN just like Hulu make it hard for people to make an account. And if you can’t make an account, you can’t use DAZN. The other steps are pretty easy compared to this.

To watch DAZN in Europe, you need a Canadian card. Later, it can also just be a German or Italian card which we will talk about later, but currently, for this to work, you will need a Canadian card.

It doesn’t have to be from a bank. Buy a pre-paid card, and it should work. Canadians are great people though. Just ask somebody to help. Alternatively, you can try with a virtual card. Either way, you need a Canadian card.

And once you have one, make an account. We don’t need to explain how to do that, do we?

Except, you won’t be able to make an account until you apply what we will mention in the next step as DAZN will tell you that it’s not available in your country.

To Watch DAZN in Europe You Need to Make It Think That You Are in a Supported Country

Sports streaming is a massive market, and well, in a world where BT paid over a billion for Champions League rights in the UK, if BT knew people can watch Champions League with DAZN in the UK, well, that wouldn’t end well. That’s why DAZN blocks off their service to people not in supported regions.

But if you can manage to be in a non-blocked region, DAZN will work. And a VPN is how you put yourself into a non-blocked region. You merely need to connect to a server in Canada, and boom, DAZN will work.

Except DAZN is one of the most unsupported platforms by VPN’s. It’s extremely hard to find a working VPN with DAZN. Canadian servers aren’t that popular as it is.

PrivateVPN? It’s one of the very few VPN servers that support DAZN.

Some other benefits of PrivateVPN? Working Amazon Prime servers, and the most Netflix regions on a VPN. As far as VPN is concerned, PrivateVPN is the complete entertainment package.

We mentioned you would need to apply something to register in the last step, and that thing is a VPN.

But what about installing the DAZN apps to watch DAZN in Europe on all devices?

How to watch DAZN in Europe on the Amazon Fire TV Stick/Cube

After you have a DAZN account and PrivateVPN installed on your Fire TV Stick/Cube which you can do by searching for it just like for any other app, you need to install the DAZN App.

This is problematic though as Amazon has a certain number of the Amazon Appstore, and well, Canada doesn’t have one, meaning it’s hard to download DAZN.

To download DAZN to watch DAZN in Europe on the Amazon Fire TV Stick/Cube, you need to change your location to be in Germany, where DAZN is supported but where PrivateVPN doesn’t have a working DAZN server as of yet. This won’t influence anything as you just need the app.

  • To change your location to be in Germany, you need to first go to the Amazon website. Assuming you have a UK store, you should see a Your Account tab. If you are connected to a different store, that might look slightly different.
  • Either way click at what’s around your name, followed by pressing Content & Devices where you will need to update your address to be in Germany.
  • You will also need to remove payment cards for other regions until you download DAZN. Otherwise, you might have a problem downloading the DAZN app. And unfortunately, you can’t watch DAZN in Europe or anywhere, on the Fire TV Stick, from the web browser directly.
  • After you do that, you need to go into Settings on your Fire TV Stick/Cube followed by My Account and by Deregister. You will need to provide your Amazon details again after waiting a few moments, but you will be able to see the DAZN app.

How to Watch DAZN in Europe on iOS Devices

Got that new iPhone XS? It doesn’t matter. You can watch DAZN on all iOS devices.

You need to of course have an account on DAZN and PrivateVPN installed, but you also need to switch the store of your Apple App Store.

In this instance, you need to change it to be in Canada.

But make a new account. If you change the location of your store on your current account, you will lose everything. Don’t worry, you can switch back to your other account after,.

To make a new account, of course, first sign out of your current iCloud account and go into the iCloud tab in Settings where you will see a button about making a new account. You did it before. You know how to do it. Just make sure your address is in Canada. You can use an address generator on Google for that.

After you have an account, download DAZN, and you are ready to watch DAZN In Europe!

How to Watch DAZN in Europe on Android

To watch DAZN in Europe on Android after having a DAZN account and using PrivateVPN, you only need to switch the location of your store.

Go to payments.google.com and click on Settings followed by the Country tab. Select Canada and provide a Canadian address. Submit and go into Settings on your device followed by Apps where you need to find Google Play Store and press Force Stop.

While still in Settings go to Storage and click the button in caps that states CLEAR DATA.

That should make DAZN available, and if not, play around with clearing data and pressing Force Stop.

Watch DAZN In Europe on all devices

Watching DAZN in Europe on all devices isn’t hard, just like it’s not hard in the US. Provided you have the right tools and infromation in front of you. This post has all the information you need.

And if you still need some help, reach out to our award-winning customer support and we’ll help you.

Written by Michael Smolski.