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How to make Hulu work in Canada in 2019

Do you want to know how to make Hulu work in Canada in 2019? Of course, you do. If you care about watching shows right after they air rather than after a season is over, Hulu is a much better choice than Netflix or Amazon Prime. Especially since people on the internet can be cruel and provide spoilers in the most unexpected parts of the internet.

The thing about Hulu though, it might show shows much more rapidly, but it isn’t really available anywhere on the planet bar the US and Japan with Japan only showing Japanese shows. And that’s whether you live in Canada, Europe, or anywhere else.

But why is Hulu not available in Canada in the first place?

To put simply, Hulu is not available in Canada because it costs a lot more to show shows after they air versus when a season is over. And for every TV show you want to show in a different country, you need to get rights to show it there. And that’s a lot of money having to be spent several times. Oh, and let’s not forget that certain TV channels in other countries already have rights to some content Hulu shows in the US.

It just makes more sense for Hulu to double down on bringing content to the US than spending a lot more money on other markets.

So to make Hulu work in Canada in 2019, you just have to fool Hulu into thinking you are in the US.

What’s Needed to Make Hulu Work in Canada in 2019?

You need an American card. You need to make Hulu think you are in the US. And lastly, you need to download the Hulu app. That’s what needs to happen for Hulu to work in Canada in 2019.

Simple? On paper. A lot more complicated in reality though.

Let’s get going with it.

Making a Hulu Account to Make Hulu Work in Canada in 2019

To make Hulu work, you first need an account.

And yes, it’s as simple as making any other account, but there are two things you need to do.

  1. You need to use an American address generator which you can find on Google for your address.
  2. You need an American card to set Hulu up.

Without an American card, you will not be able to make an account.

Luckily you only need it to make an account as you can use gift cards after but to make an account you need to have one.

How do you get one?

  1. Ask a friend in the US. Either for your card or to share their account. Offer to pay if needed. Perhaps even offer a different service in exchange. People that love entertainment love entertainment, and they want more. Perhaps you can provide your DAZN account if you use DAZN.
  2. Buy a prepaid card. These are great but not always work. You will also need to wait for one to come in. It’s best to do research on these. Most should work though as most prepaid cards work like a credit card if you are ever in the US. The key is to have money on it. That’s a key element a lot of people miss.

Fooling Hulu into Thinking You Are in the US

This is a much easier step than making a Hulu account, but it is a more important one as this step will have to be applied every second you use Hulu.

There are two ways to be in the US. By going there, or by being there virtually.

To go there virtually, you need a VPN which is a virtual private network. If you want to make Hulu work in Canada in 2019, you need to use a VPN to be in the US virtually.

But you need a VPN that supports Hulu. Just because an American server is available does not mean that it works with Hulu. Servers don’t matter. It’s what they support that matters and Hulu is not as widely supported as Netflix.

If you are committed enough to go through all of this post to make Hulu work, then the chances are you also want the US and UK Netflix along with other Netflix locations. And that’s what PrivateVPN will let you do. We offer support to the most Netflix locations based on 5,000 tests of 59 VPN services by Comparietech. We support 21 different Netflix locations giving you the widest range of content possible. While also supporting Hulu.

You make a PrivateVPN account. You download our client on your platform. And lastly, you connect to our Hulu supported American server.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in Canada in 2019

Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple devices, and Android devices are the most common devices that you will need a Hulu app for. If you are on a computer, you are going to be fine without one, so you can skip this part.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in Canada in 2019 on Apple Devices

On Apple devices, you need to make a new iCloud account.

To do so, firstly, log out of your account that you have right now. The reason you need to do that is so that you don’t lose anything.

When making a new iCloud account, make sure it’s based in the US with an American address which you can get by using an address generator with a quick search on Google.

After that, download Hulu, and sign back into your old account if you wish.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in Canada in 2019 on Android Devices

On Android devices, you don’t need to make a new account. You just need to change your details.

  • Go to Click on Settings. Press on the Country tab.
  • There change your location to be in the US.
  • Go to Settings on your device and click on Apps where you will find the Google Play Store. Make sure to click Force Stop.
  • Go into Storage, find the Play Store, and press CLEAR DATA.

If needed repeat the last 2 steps.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in Canada in 2019 on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is possibly the hardest device to install Hulu on out of the devices you can install it on.

For this, you need to go to the Amazon site followed by pressing Your Account.

Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices section. There you will be able to change your store to be in the US.

But you might also need to update your payment methods depending on your card in order not to get errors downloading Hulu. You need an American card for Hulu anyway so that shouldn’t be an issue. If you already had access to a Hulu account prior, just get a virtual card for this.

This Is How to Make Hulu Work in Canada in 2019

It’s not that hard to make Hulu work in Canada in 2019. It just requires the right knowledge in order to trick Hulu. And this post covers everything you need to know as far as making goes.

And so do our other posts on our blog about other platforms.

Okay, go watch your Hulu now!

Written by Michael Smolski.