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How to Watch American Amazon Prime in Canada (Currently Works on All Devices)

Ah. The classic. Your neighbor. Perhaps only less than 1 hour away from you, yet you can’t access the content that American Amazon Prime has. Not including DAZN, a typical problem of a Canadian as far as entertainment is concerned. Do you want to know how to watch American Amazon Prime in Canada? It’s not that hard.

Why is it not that hard? As Amazon recently made it simpler. More on that in why you can’t watch American Amazon Prime in Canada in the first place.

What’s Preventing You from Watching American Amazon Prime in the First Place

Some call it “content discrimination” but frankly, it’s just Amazon not wanting to overpay for content rights. And if you consider how small of a market that Canada is compared to the US, it does make sense.

The way movies and shows work is that you need to buy rights for them if you want to show them on your platform, and providing content in extra regions costs, extra. And if you don’t pay for a certain region, you can’t show it, and somebody else will instead.

It’s not fair for Canadian users, considering how close they are to the US, but that’s how it is. But there is of course also a solution. And this post is about that solution.

To Watch American Amazon Prime in Canada You Need to Fool Amazon Prime

Yep. You are fooling one of the biggest companies on this planet. And it’s not hard.

To watch American Amazon Prime in Canada, you need to be in the US, virtually. And using a VPN is how you do it.

A VPN such as PrivateVPN is a virtual private network. Essentially, you have a client with several settings, with the most important one being the ability to connect to different servers. And those servers, depending on the service you use, are in different locations, allowing you to be in a different country without being there.

The Best VPN for American Amazon Prime?

If you are going to watch American Amazon Prime in Canada, you are probably looking for the best service right away.

Or maybe you don’t even know what the situation is like since you are searching for this post.

Most VPN services don’t work with Amazon Prime. And that’s not because these services all suck but because Amazon does an incredible job taking down working Amazon Prime servers. Except, most services don’t put working Amazon prime servers back, afterward.

Free services won’t work with American Amazon Prime in Canada, that’s for sure. You can try though since they are free, but you will be wasting your time.

PrivateVPN is a VPN that works with American Amazon Prime in Canada, and in any other locations to be frank. And it’s the best VPN for American Amazon Prime not because of that or because if servers break down they are fixed but because you want to watch streams in high quality, and PrivateVPN ensures that you can get the connection that your internet normally allows for by buying internet capacity from internet providers directly rather than hosting providers. Most companies don’t mention it at all, but it’s something to look at. You want your stream to be in high quality, right?

Watch American Amazon Prime in Canada

To watch American Amazon Prime in Canada, all you really need is a VPN.

Well, a working VPN. And PrivateVPN works with Amazon Prime.

Just connect to a working server. It’s best not to mention it here since Amazon love to crack down VPN servers, but if you try them in order, you’ll find the working one, that’s for sure.

If you want to watch Netflix or Hulu too, we have blog posts about how to watch them in Canada too. These methods differ a bit.

Written by Michael Smolski.