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How to Watch Fox TV Shows Outside of the US

Do you want to watch your favorite Fox shows? Fox is responsible for a lot of shows. The Simpsons and Prison Break are just some of the classics. The current hit Lucifer is also made by Fox. There’s a lot of shows to watch, and you don’t need a Hulu subscription to watch them if you have the Fox app or watch on their site.

Fox has their own app that allows you stay up to date with your favorite shows without paying. There are a few restrictions. For one, you will have to stay relatively up to date as you can only catch up on the five most recent episodes. For two, if you don’t have a TV provider, you might have to wait eight days to watch an episode. That depends on whether the show is new or returning though.

This is all great, but did you ever get that above message?If you are outside of the US, then you probably did. If you want to watch Fox TV shows outside of the US, you need to know a trick or two.

Be in the US Without Being There

You have to be in the US to watch whatever show that Fox offers on their site.There’s no changing that until Fox decides to change that. Do you know what you can change though? Your location.

You can virtually be anywhere you want in the world if you know what to do. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and since it’s a virtual network, once you use it, provided that the company that offers it has the right servers, you can pretty much be anywhere in the world, virtually.

And that’s what you need to use to access any shows that Fox has to offer. PrivateVPN offers seven server locations in the US. Connect to one of them, and you can watch anything that you want.

How to Set up a VPN

To set up a VPN, you need nothing but a few minutes.

  • Firstly, go into PrivateVPN.com and click on the Buy button at the top of the website.
  • There, you need to register your account. You have to select your plan while providing your password, email, and preferred method of payment.
  • After that, go into the Download section at the bottom of the page and choose the device that suits your needs.
  • Download the app and install it.
  • Log in.
  • Pick an American server and connect to it.
  • Go into Fox.com and start watching whatever you desire.

It’s easy to watch Fox Tv shows outside of the US. Simply follow those steps mentioned above. And you will be able to catch up on your favorite shows, in high quality.

Ridiculously simple, right? To watch Fox TV shows outside of the US, you simply need to have a VPN.

If this is not working, make sure to refresh the Fox.com website.

With PrivateVPN, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Written by Michael Smolski.