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How to Install and Set up a Hulu Account Outside of the US

We all want to watch the newest TV shows when they come out in the best quality possible. And Hulu allows us to do that with best TV shows shortly after they come out. You don’t have to wait weeks to catch up on your TV show.

The problem with it is that it's nearly impossible to create an account on it outside of the US. Unless you know a few tricks.

Installing the App on Mobile Devices

This step is easier on an Android than an iOS device. Android is a less restricted platform which makes it easier to install items. There are two ways to do it on an Android device.
When it comes to using a macOS or Windows devices, you don’t need to follow the same steps as for Android or iOS as you can watch from the web browser.

On Android With Unknown Sources

The easiest way involves installing from unknown sources. It’s also risky as the app you download from the internet might have some extra lines of code that could be harmful to your phone. Therefore know what you are getting into beforehand.

But this method probably won’t make things quicker as one of the things that you need to do later will delay things anyway.

1. Search for Hulu.APK on the internet and download it.

There will be many results when you search for this. Just be careful as websites with apps tend to be filled with many ads.

2. Allow installing apps from unknown sources.

  • Go into Settings.
  • Press Security.
  • Do the same for Unknown sources.
  • Read the statement that will pop up, so you know what you are getting into.
  • Press OK.

3. Install the app.

  • Go into Downloads.
  • Press on Hulu.APK.
  • Install the app.

Don’t turn the app on yet as you need to find out about VPN first.

This method won’t make things quicker if you don’t have an American card.

On Android With Play Store

With this option, you need to change the country of your Play Store.

The problem with the Hulu app is that it’s only available on the American Play Store. To find the app, you need to change the location of your country. And there are a few steps involved in this.

1. Get VPN.

In order for you to use the American Play Store, your phone must think that you are in the US. You need VPN to do that. PrivateVPN has at this moment 8 different server locations in the US. These are based in Buffalo or New York City 1.

  • Create an account on PrivateVPN.com
  • Download the PrivateVPN app in the Play Store.
  • Login and choose an American server of your choice.

2. Change your billing country.

Having VPN is not enough to change the location of your Play Store.

  • Go into payments.google.com
  • Click Settings and press Edit to change your home address.
  • You might need to provide a zip code.
  • Search for a zip code generator on the internet and copy and paste it into your address.
  • Accept changes.

3. Make the changes happen.

You made changes, but Play Store won’t see them until you make it see them.

  • Close the Play Store and go into Settings.
  • Go into Apps and find Google Play Store.
  • Press Force Stop and Clear All Data.
  • Re-open the Play Store.

If nothing changes, wait and retry later.

4. Install the app.

This is the easiest step. You surely know how to do this one. Search for Hulu and install it.

On iOS Devices

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, then you have an iOS device. Hopefully, you know that.

Apple doesn’t provide software that’s as open as Android, therefore, you cannot install from unknown sources like you can on Android. There are ways to do it, but it takes too much time.

And they also make things extra complicated. You can’t change your account's country, or you will lose all your apps that you have. So you need to have two accounts.

After making an account, switching accounts is pretty easy. You simply need to tap the name of your account, and you get an option to sign into your other account.

1. You need VPN for this.

In order to change the country of the App Store, you also need VPN just like with Play Store.
Just like with the Play Store, your App Store must think that you are in the US. And you need VPN for that. PrivateVPN has 8 US-based servers to help with that.

  • Create an account on PrivateVPN.com
  • Download the PrivateVPN app in the App Store.
  • Login and choose an American server of your choice.

In terms of servers, these are based in Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, and New York.

2. Creating an account.

Since you can’t change your address because you will lose apps if you do so, you need to make a new account. You know how to do that.

But there’s this big misconception that you need an American card to set up an account. You don’t. Select None as your means of payment. That’s all you need to do. But you will need to have an American card one way or another if you want to use Hulu.

If you don’t see the None option when signing up, then after signing up, go to download a free app where the payments section will pop up. There, select None.

Also, once again, search for a zip code generator to get a random valid zip code.

After you make an account, you should be seeing the American App Store.

3. Installing.

Once again, you know how to do that.

Using VPN to Make the Hulu App Work

You need VPN for the app to work. There’s no way around that. Whether you are on a computer or a phone, your device must think that you are in the US, and VPN helps with exactly that.

But if you want a Hulu account outside of the US so you can watch TV shows in high-quality then you can’t just get the first VPN that you see.

If you want good quality, you need to have a good connection. PrivateVPN offers unlimited bandwidth so that you can stream videos without any delays. Without good VPN, having a Hulu account is pointless as you won’t have the quality that will allow you to enjoy what you are watching. Not to mention that you will have to pause what you are watching so that your content can buffer.

Making an Account

Are you still here? Congrats. All of that stuff was easy compared to this final step.
This the step that will delay things for you.

You need a card to set up your account. The problem? It has to be American. And most prepaid cards don’t work.

1. Get a zip code.

This was mentioned earlier.

  • Simply search for a zip code generator.
  • Type a zip code in a corresponding box.

2. The card.

Okay, firstly, whatever card you end up getting, whether it’s virtual or not, make sure that the zip code you put in on Hulu matches your zip code on the card.

A lot of cards work once they are issued in the US. A lot also don’t work. And there are a few simple reasons behind that. Wrong zip code is one of them.

But the main reason? Your prepaid card not accepting recurring transactions. Since getting a prepaid card is probably the easiest option rather than setting up a bank account or such, you are more than likely to choose this option. So be aware of that.

The problem with the cards having to be issued in the US is that if they need to ship to you, it will take some time. And sometimes if it needs to ship to you, it means that you must provide an address which can be a problem if your zip code needs to match your Hulu zip code.

Virtual cards might be your best bet. Try them.

Ideally though, if you have an American friend, ask them if they would like to help you out. That’s the best way to do it.

And that should be it. Everything should go smoothly after this. You should be able to watch your favorite TV shows after you have a valid working American card.


If you use VPN, you will be able to stream your favorite TV shows all the time. PrivateVPN allows you to do that. It also lets you stay secure on the internet. But even with PrivateVPN, you still need an American card to make this work. And that might mean that you will have to wait.

Written by Michael Smolski.