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How to Watch American Netflix in the UK in 2019 (And All Other Netflix Regions)

The offerings on the British Netflix aren’t that bad if you compared them to the likes of Thailand which has only under 10% of American content both in the TV and movie department, but if you ever been to the US, then you know much less content the UK Netflix has. That’s why you are here searching for how to watch American Netflix in the UK in 2019, and we are going to do one better, we are going to show you how to watch American Netflix in the UK, but also how to watch all other Netflix regions in the UK.


Why Does the UK Content Not Have the Same Content as American Netflix?

It goes down to rights.

Power is actually a show that’s available on the UK Netflix but not on the American Netflix. That’s because the TV network that created it has exclusive rights to it in the US, and since nobody has that network in Europe, they licensed it to Netflix to make further income.

From the perspective of UK Netflix, many other TV networks or platforms that perhaps didn’t create a show bought rights to show certain content exclusively in the UK thus leaving the UK Netflix limited.

Another major factor is that it costs a lot of money to buy rights for shows to be available worldwide often making it a more sensible option to invest just in the US market since that's where most of Netflix customers are. In fact, the costs of buying rights for content are one of the reasons why Netflix is investing so heavily in its original productions available worldwide.

The Power show example sums up perfectly that while the US Netflix has the most content, that it doesn’t have it all. And that’s why we are going to help you unlock 21 Netflix regions which will unlock pretty much all Netflix content possible for you so that you never miss out on anything, as even Thailand Netflix has some exclusive content.

How to Watch American Netflix in the UK in 2019

To watch American Netflix in the UK, you need to fool Netflix into thinking that you are in the US.

And you do that by using a VPN.

If you never heard of VPN services, VPN services let you change your location without moving.

So is that it? You just find a VPN, connect to an American server, and can watch American Netflix in the UK in 2019?

Unfortunately not.

Firstly, free services don’t work. They allow you to switch location to be in the US for simple things, but when it comes to things such as Netflix, Netflix knows that VPN services exist, and so do TV channels/platforms that hold rights to some content that Netflix has rights to in certain locations. Why would somebody pay for an extra channel if they can just use a VPN that’s to watch that show or movie on Netflix that they already have? And that results in Netflix cracking down on VPN services.

Does that mean that all paid service will let you watch American Netflix in the UK in 2019? Not quite as while the overall percentage does increase, if you want to access more than just American Netflix, most still fail at that. One would assume that if you go for a service that has the most servers, that it would support the most Netflix regions out there, but that is not the case. While some services have 3,000+ servers, PrivateVPN with under 200 servers supports 21 Netflix regions, the most on the market.

From the perspective of servers, PrivateVPN isn’t the best service for you, but if you are looking for servers with quality, that’s where PrivateVPN comes in as while having 3,000 servers is great, what’s the point if most of them don’t work with Netflix?

If you are just looking to watch American Netflix in the UK, you don’t necessarily need to use PrivateVPN, but if you are going to pay the same price (or even less) as for another service, then why not get the most out of your Netflix while you do it? And speaking of Netflix, PrivateVPN also supports the likes of Hulu and DAZN. Any many others, as while we don’t have the most servers, we focus on quality.

Interested in trying that out so that you can watch American Netflix in the UK along with all the other Netflix regions in 2019? We have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Written by Michael Smolski.