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How to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019

Do you want to know how to make Hulu work in the UK in 2019? Of course, you do. Netflix has a lot of content, but it doesn’t have it all, and not right away. Hulu? It lets you watch shows right after they air rather than having to wait for a season to be over, and that in many ways, makes it a better choice, or a great secondary option to have.

The problem with Hulu is that the cost of being able to watch shows a day after they air is that it’s only available in the US, making it yet another service that isn’t supported in the UK.

But Why Is Hulu Not Available in the UK in the First Place?

Hulu is not available in the UK because rights to shows cost, and the more countries you want to show something, the more expensive it gets. And if somebody already has rights to certain content in a certain country, it makes it hard to show that content.

Hulu instead invests money in the US market showing the most possible content, but also as early as possible.

To make Hulu work in the UK in 2019, you need to make Hulu think that you are in the US, and we’ll go through the process of that below.

What’s Needed to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019?

  • An American card.
  • Hulu thinking you are in the US.
  • The Hulu app.

It doesn’t seem too hard, and well, it isn’t, if you know how to do it, as if you just try to download the Hulu app on your phone right now, you won’t be able to.

Making a Hulu Account to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019

To make Hulu work in the UK in 2019, you first need an account.

Making an account as it is is pretty simple, you just need to provide American details.

Your card will be an issue though as you need an American card to make Hulu work in the UK, for Hulu to verify that you are in the US.

Without an American card, you will not be able to make an account.

However, you only need the card for signing up. You can buy gift cards after.

Here are our suggestions for getting an American card to make Hulu work in the UK:

  1. Ask a friend in the US if they can help you out setting up an account, and even offer to share it.
  2. Buy a prepaid card. These are great but not always work. You will also need to wait for one to come in. It’s best to do research on these. Most should work, provided you have money on them.
  3. Get a virtual card. Virtual cards are very quick to obtain, but would not have a high success rate. That often has to do with the fact you have no money on it.

Once you figure out the American card problem, making Hulu work in the UK will be a lot easier.

MAKE SURE TO HAVE AT LEAST $1 ON YOUR CARD. IT WON’T WORK OTHERWISE!!! Even if you are getting a trial account.

Fooling Hulu into Thinking You Are in the US to Watch Hulu in the UK

This is the most important step that will need to be in place every second you use Hulu. Much easier than getting an American card though.

There are two ways to be in the US. By going there, or by being there virtually.

To go there virtually, you need a VPN. VPN services allow you to stay safe on the internet, but also allow you to change your location virtually, to unblock content that’s blocked in your country, such as Hulu or DAZN.

But you need a VPN that supports Hulu. Just because a VPN service comes with an American server does not mean that it works with Hulu. Servers don’t matter. It’s what they support that matters, and Hulu isn’t a platform widely supported by VPN services. That’s due to Hulu constantly taking measures against VPN services.

PrivateVPN supports Hulu, but also invests in quality rather than quantity, allowing for servers that constantly work with platforms that you want to access such as  Hulu. It takes under 60 seconds to make an account, depending on how quick you are, and after you make one, you only need to connect to a server that supports Hulu, and that will trick Hulu into thinking that you are in the US.

But PrivateVPN isn’t only a VPN that works with Hulu. Since you are in the UK, you are also limited to less Netflix content and don’t have access to DAZN which is a London based streaming platform for sports that does not work in the UK. PrivateVPN also helps with those platforms, being one of the only VPN services to support DAZN while also offering the most Netflix regions on the market with 21 Netflix servers supported.

Here’s what Devin said in his review on vpnMentor:

We helped him watch Japanese Netflix.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019

If you are on a computer, you are going to be fine without an app, but if you want to watch on your phone on Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need to get the Hulu app that’s only available in the US version of all of the app stores.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019 on Apple Devices

On Apple devices, you just need to make a new iCloud account with your location in the UK to make Hulu downloadable in the UK.

To do so, log out of your current iCloud account and start creating a new one.

This new account needs to be based in the US.

It’s pretty simple, it can also go very bad if you try to do it without reading about it since if you just change the location in your current account, you will lose everything.

And yes, after you make Hulu work in the UK on your Apple devices, you can log back into your other account.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019 on Android Devices

The great thing about Android devices is that you do not need to make a new account. You just need to change your details.

Google has a section about switching locations which goes through the process of that. Make sure to check it out. Of course, make sure to change your location to be in the US.

That will make Hulu work in the UK in 2019 on your Android devices.

Downloading the Hulu App to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019 on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is possibly the hardest device to install Hulu on out of the devices you can install it on.

  1. Go to amazon.co.uk.
  2. Move your mouse towards Accounts & Lists which will show a tab full of different things.
  3. Locate Manage Your Content and Devices.
  4. There change the location of your store to be in the US.
  5. On your Amazon Fire TV Stick/Cube, go to Settings followed by My Account.
  6. There you will need to deregister your account which will require you to sign in again.

That will result in your store changing to be in the US.

Depending on the type of card in your account, you might need to update your payment method to consist of an American card in order to download Hulu. If you didn’t use an American card to sign up with Hulu due to a friend helping, you can even just use a virtual card. Amazon isn’t that strict with this.

This Is How to Make Hulu Work in the UK in 2019

It’s not that hard to make Hulu work in the UK in 2019. Once you read the steps once, you will be able to do it again without a problem. It’s just about knowing what to do to make Hulu work in the UK in 2019, the first time you do it.

We have many guides like this on our blog, such as around why is DAZN not available in the UK and how to access it before, if you would like to check that out, but otherwise, go enjoy Hulu!

Written by Michael Smolski.