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How to Watch Italian DAZN Outside of Italy

Do you want to watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy? Perhaps you live in the UK and miss hearing Serie A in the far more exciting Italian commentary, and we don’t blame you, British commentators are often boring. DAZN is an incredible platform for watching sports online, but due to rights to sports being so complicated, it’s available in very few countries, with Italy being one of them. That’s only useful to you if you are in Italy though. Luckily there’s a way to trick DAZN so that you can watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy, and we’ll show you how to do it in the most straightforward way possible.

There are 3 steps to watching Italian DAZN outside of Italy:

  1. Making DAZN think that you are in Italy.
  2. Creating a DAZN account with the right card.
  3. Fooling your app store into thinking you are in Italy.

It’s not quite as simple as it looks, but also isn’t terribly hard if you read this step by step.

Making Dazn Think That You Are in Italy to Watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy

Before you can even register, DAZN needs to think that you are in Italy. Otherwise, you will just get a message about DAZN not being available in your location.

We’ll get right into it. You need a VPN for that. Think of a VPN as a teleportation device for your internet. In seconds you can be in Italy, the US, or pretty much wherever you desire. The more servers a VPN service has, the more locations you can access.

However, in this instance, it’s important to look at quality rather than quantity. Having access to thousands of servers might seem great, and it is until they don’t work with DAZN and then that VPN is of no value to you. That’s where PrivateVPN comes in.

If you are looking to have thousands of servers for specific tests that require a lot of locations, PrivateVPN isn’t for you. But if you are looking to access the entertainment, that’s where PrivateVPN comes in with support for both Italian, American, and Canadian DAZN, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, the most Netflix regions on the market, HBO NOW for Game of Thrones, ITV Hub, and many more. When it comes to entertainment, quality matters more than quantity, and PrivateVPN is one of the only DAZN supporting services.

Simply connect to our DAZN supporting Italian server, and that will allow you to watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy, once you make an account.

Making an Italian Account to Watch Italian DAZN Outside of Italy

If you are originally from Italy, this is going to be pretty easy for you as you most likely already have an Italian card.

If you don’t, you need to get one. And that’s what prevents many from using DAZN in the first place. However, you can also use either a Canadian card or an American card too. If you do, you will need to connect to the right Candian or American VPN server instead of an Italian one though. The reason behind why you can do that in the first place is that you can switch between DAZN locations provided that the VPN service you use supports that.

Any suggestions for getting an Italian card to watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy?

  1. Ask an Italian friend if you can use their card, if they can create an account for you, or if you can share.
  2. Get a prepaid card issued in Italy. Make sure there’s money on it though as it won’t work otherwise.
  3. Get a virtual card issued in Italy. Once again, make sure there’s money on it as it won’t work otherwise.

Same steps apply if you want to use an American or Canadian card too.

With the use of PrivateVPN, you will be able to watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy once you have an account, but on certain devices, you also need an app.

How to Watch Italian DAZN Outside of Italy on Android Devices

Google has made a guide to changing your Google Play Store location.

When changing your location, make sure to change it to be in Italy, but otherwise, the likes of Canada or the US also work.

How to Watch Italian DAZN Outside of Italy on Apple Devices

To watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy on Apple devices, unlike like on Android, you need to make a new account as otherwise, you will lose everything.

Sign out of your iCloud account and create a new one based in Italy, or otherwise Canada or the US.

That will let you download DAZN and thus will let you watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy.

Of course, you can sign back into your old iCloud account after.

How to Watch Italian DAZN Outside of Italy on the Amazon Fire TV Stick/Cube

To watch DAZN on the Fire TV Stick outside of Italy, you will need first to go to the Amazon website. Depending on your current location, what you will see will differ, but overall, it’s all pretty similar.

  1. Go over Your Account or Account & Lists with your mouse. Otherwise, click it.
  2. Press on Manage Your Content and Devices followed by changing your region.
  3. Turn on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, press on Settings and then My Account.
  4. Deregister. You will need to sign back into your account.

In rare cases, you will need to provide Italian card details when downloading DAZN for verification purposes, however, since you need a card to register with DAZN anyway, this should not be a problem.

That’s How to Watch Italian DAZN Outside of Italy

If you made it through all of this guide, congratulations. As you can see, it’s not that hard to watch Italian DAZN outside of Italy. You just need to have patience setting your account up.

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Written by Michael Smolski.