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How to Watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in Any Country

There’s nothing like watching live sports on a big screen so if you are searching for how to watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you made the right call. Live sports aren’t a TV show. The level of emotions is just on an entirely different level. Especially if your favorite team is playing. And DAZN? DAZN is a streaming platform that lets you watch the biggest sporting events on the planet, legally, and in high quality.

The catch? It doesn’t work in every country, in fact, it doesn’t even work in the US. The great news? We know tho watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in any country! And we are going to help you!

To Watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in Any Country You First Need to Be Able to Install the App

What’s so hard about installing an app? Well, if you want to watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, this is the hardest part for sure.

If you are not in the DAZN supported countries which are Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, or Japan, DAZN will not show up in the Amazon Appstore on your Fire TV. And while on a computer you can watch DAZN directly from the web browser, you can’t do that on the Fire TV Stick. You will just get a notification to get the DAZN app.

To watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in any country you first need to get the app. And for that, you need to change the location of your Amazon Appstore. Canada? It doesn’t have an exclusive store on Amazon. Therefore, you won’t be able to download DAZN if you are based in Canada on the Fire TV Stick as there’s no store for Canada. There is an exclusive store in Germany though, and that’s the one you should go for.

In order to switch your Amazon Appstore country, you need to first visit the Amazon site. Now, depending on your location this step will slightly differ, but either way, you need to go to the Amazon page. The American Amazon will state Accounts & Lists meanwhile the UK one will state Your Account. Whatever it states click on it, and go to Your Content and Devices.

There you need to change your location to be in Germany. And don’t just type in “sfdajhhfja” expecting that to be a valid address. You most certainly need a German postcode so just search for a German address generator on Google.

Your card might be an issue. Sometimes you can just change the address of your card in the settings of Amazon, and that will be enough for DAZN to download, but that doesn’t work with all cards. Sometimes you need to get a prepaid/virtual card from Germany. If you are lucky, you can ask a friend. If you can find a free one whether it’s one that is used for testing or from a free site that’s all you need. Your card doesn’t need to be verified nor has money. It merely needs to be a card issued in Germany.

And if you are with a bank that’s a Germany company, use that instead.

Frankly, there’s plenty of online German banks that you can sign up for free on. All it takes is a few quick searches on Google.

If none of these work, make sure to delete your non-German methods of payment.

The payment situation is important as seeing DAZN in the Amazon Appstore is not enough as you will get a message stating you need to update billing unless you have a German method of payment.

After you update everything you need to update, you need to deregister your Amazon Fire TV Stick in order to be able to see DAZN in the Amazon Appstore. To do that, on your Fire TV Stick, go to Settings followed by My Account and press Deregister. Amazon will give you instructions on that process as it happens. Follow them and make sure to register to the German version of the store by typing the code you are given at the end on the German version of the site Amazon.de/code.

Fooling DAZN into Thinking You Are in Germany to Watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Ultimately, getting the DAZN app is only a problem on the Fire TV Stick. The real problem everywhere is actually making DAZN think you are in a supported country. A VPN is a way to do it. Now if you don’t know what a VPN is, it’s a virtual private network, and when you connect to it, depending on the service you use, you can pretty much be anywhere on this planet that you desire, virtually.

And that means that with a VPN, you can virtually be in Canada without ever stepping foot in Canada.

Except, the people at DAZN aren’t stupid and they know that they have rights to stream content and that the people giving those rights would not be happy if people outside of the countries that DAZN has rights to stream in, used DAZN and therefore ensures even VPN’s don’t work with it.

Well, PrivateVPN does work with it. If you connect to our Canada - Toronto 2 server, DAZN will work. And not just work, it will work as smoothly as without a VPN. Some people that are aware of VPN’s assume that they slow your connection down. Some companies do. We don’t claim to speed it up, in fact, we will say that if your internet is crap, your experience with DAZN will also most likely be crap.

But we will provide you speeds that are very close to your current speeds as we buy most of our internet capacity from IP transit providers directly rather than from hosting companies which eliminates any limits from hosting companies.

With PrivateVPN, you can watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in any country but you also need an account which brings us to the next step.

Setting up an Account to Watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in Any Country

Well, you didn’t think you can watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in any country without an account? Did you?

This is just like the first step. Not that simple.

Registration is simple. You provide billing and so on in Canada ideally since you will be using the Canadian version of the site. You can use German billing too that you used with your Amazon Appstore but try to use a Canadian billing. Of course, DAZN is paid so unless you already have an account, you need to have money on your payment method.

We recommend you just reach out to a Canadian! They are really lovely people! If not, get a prepaid card from Canada whether it’s virtual or real. And send money to it. Lastly, pay, and then you are in. That’s how you watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in any country!

Watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Do you want to watch Dazn on the Amazon Fire TV Stick in any country on this planet? You made a good call wanting to bring sports to the bigger screen without overpaying for not enough content on your TV. And we? We just help you use DAZN from wherever you are on this planet.

Written by Michael Smolski.