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How to Stay Safe on the Internet in 2018

Do you think that you are safe on the internet? So did I before I got a letter from my internet provider that stated that they weren’t monitoring my activities but that they saw that I accessed a forbidden site. HOW WOULD SOMEBODY KNOW THIS IF THEY WEREN’T MONITORING MY ACTIVITIES? 2018 is around the corner. A lot of countries are getting st..

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How to enable IPv6 on OpenVPN TAP adaper Windows

This guide shows you how to enable IPv6 on OpenVPN TAP adapter for Windows. 1. Go to control panel. 2. Click on Network and Sharing Center. 3. Click on Change adapter settings. 4. Right click on TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and select Properties. 5. Enable Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on OK..

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Service upgrade

With start tomorrow(2017-12-26) we'll start upgrading our VPN service. Following will be done: 1. Upgrade OpenVPN to version 2.4 2. Support of AES-256-CBC, AES-128-CBC, AES-256-GCM, and AES-128GCM 3. Add IPv6 to a black hole for preventing IPv6 leaks on Android and MacOS. 4. TCP/443 OpenVPN will support tls-crypt to increase users conne..

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How to Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movies This Christmas

It’s this time of the year again. It’s time for your favorite Christmas movies. Except, you might not be able to play them. Your favorite Christmas movies might not necessarily be others favorite Christmas movies. They might not be shown on TV, and even if they are, more and more people are slowly getting rid of their TV subscriptions. S..

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How to Stay Safe When Connected to Wi-Fi on a Bus

You can’t always fly. Cheap airlines like Ryanair are still expensive at times. Buses? They tend to keep the same prices all year round. And some of the most popular bus companies such as Flixbus offer Wi-Fi on their buses. Whether you are going to a different country on a bus or whether you are taking a bus to the airport, we live in a wor..

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Why Should You Use PrivateVPN - Customer Service & Value

Imagine you have a problem. You need to find out if you buy a certain plan for a VPN service, will your favorite site work with it. Or perhaps you have a different problem. I mean you could try to figure it out, but what if you can’t? What do you do? You contact customer service. And then you wait. An hour if you are lucky. Perhaps a day or tw..

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Service down again

Past weeks we've been struggling with performance issues due to a bug in our iOS VPN APP. The bug has caused massive internal requests which makes our system unavailable. We'll keep up updated on the process here! Right now our developer working on fixing the bug. 09:20 Update has been carried out on each server which resulted in a q..

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How to watch French TV outside of France

MYTF1 allows you to watch all broadcasts provided by the French channels called TF1, HD1, TMC, and NT1. 220 million people speak French which makes the French audience pretty wide. But what if you want to watch French TV while being in the US for instance? You can’t do it. Well, you can’t do it normally. But if you really want to want to ..

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How to Stay Secure While in Starbucks - Using Free Wi-Fi

Starbucks. Pretty good coffee. But it’s not about the coffee. It’s about the place. People go there to work. People go there on dates. People go there to meet up with people. Nice atmosphere, well when it’s not overpacked of course. And it is a great place to work in. There’s plenty of sockets. There’s Wi-Fi. There are tables. It’s..

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