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How to Watch SVT Play in the UK

Ever wanted to know why whenever you try to watch SVT Play in the UK, you get a “We have technical problems. Please try again in a moment.” message? It’s because SVT Play is not automatically available in the UK.

In this guide, we’ll show you how practical it is to make SVT Play work in the UK, as well as how to make other platforms work in the UK, and why SVT Play does not work in the UK in the first place.

And yes, the guide is quite simple. It’s more so about using the right tool.

Why is SVT Play Not Available in the UK in the First Place

Just like with DAZN initially not being available in the UK, just like here, it goes down to rights to the content.

SVT Play doesn’t have the rights to show a lot of its content in the UK.


As SVT Play doesn’t own most of its content.

The reason you get the “We have technical problems. Please try again in a moment.” message is not because there’s a technical issue, it’s because you just view that content.

If you go into SVT’s website onto the section with playback problems, you will be told to test that your “internet address is registered in Sweden and that you have turned off any VPN.”

See, if you want to show a certain piece of content around the world, you will need to pay for that.

License to content is generally sold per territories because it maximizes the profit a company can make.

It also means that if SVT wants to show a piece of content in the UK, they have to pay extra for that.

And why would SVT do that if Sweden is their primary audience? Right?

How to Watch SVT Play in the UK

In order to watch SVT Play in the US, you are going to have to make SVT think that you are in the right country right now.

And while in their website section of technical problems, it states that you need to turn off a VPN, you do, in fact, need a VPN.

...But the right one!

A VPN will allow you to be virtually in Sweden when, in reality, you are in the UK.

It all goes down to using the right VPN though, as it’s not as simple as just connecting to a Swedish server and turning on SVT Play.

Platforms like SVT Play, DAZN, Hulu, and all other major platforms, they have VPN blocks. That’s in order so that they don’t get in trouble for letting people watch in countries where these platforms don’t have the rights to show content.

And this is where PrivateVPN comes in as a service that is able to unblock SVT Play in the UK. Why? It’s not because it’s a Swedish provider, but because of the fact that we focus on quality over quantity. 

With PrivateVPN, you won’t see thousands of servers as on some of the other VPN services, but you will instead see hundreds of servers that work with the entertainment platforms that you care about, such as SVT Play.

Try it out with the 7-day trial with no need for a card. Just put in an email and a password, download the PrivateVPN app and connect to the SVT Play server. And just like that, whether on a mobile device or a computer, you’ll be able to watch SVT Play.

And the great thing about SVT Play? That’s just it. It’s one of the simplest platforms to unblock in the UK.

You will need to do an extra step if you want to watch SVT Play in the UK on your TV, though.

SVT Play in the UK on a TV

On a TV you have a few options for watching SVT Play:

  1. Connect a laptop to a TV via an HDMI cable.
  2. Get an Android TV device.
  3. Get one of the Amazon Fire TV devices (our recommended method.)
  4. Install a VPN on a router.

Why? As most smart TVs and platforms like Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast don’t support VPN services.

The best option? To get an Amazon Fire TV device. It supports VPN services meaning that once you install PrivateVPN, you’ll be able to watch SVT on a TV.

As far as routers go, you can install a VPN on a router, but we don’t recommend it as most routers can’t handle it, resulting in super slow connections.

That’s How You Can Watch SVT Play

Found unblocking SVT play in the UK useful? With PrivateVPN, you can also unblock the likes of Hulu, DAZN, RTE, and many other platforms. Ready to try it out our 7-day trial with no need for a card? 

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: PrivateVPN has been working with SVT Play for years, but due to the nature of services having to make efforts to prevent VPN services from working, we cannot guarantee non-stop working time with SVT, just like no other VPN service can.