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How to Watch Disney Plus in China in 2020

Unblocking content in China differs from unblocking content in places like Europe or the US. Apart from having to deal with the blocks of platforms like Disney Plus, you also need to deal with the ban of the services that unblock Disney Plus in China by the government of China. 

In this guide, we go over the 3 essential steps you need to take if you want to watch Disney Plus in China in 2020. These are:

  1. Tricking Disney Plus into thinking that you aren’t in China while tricking China into thinking that you aren’t using a blocked by the government tool of doing so.
  2. Creating a Disney Plus account. 
  3. Downloading Disney Plus, which isn’t going to be available in your app store.

Tricking Disney Plus and China to Watch Disney Plus in China in 2020

Disney Plus needs to think that you are in a supported Disney location such as the US or the Netherlands.

For that, you need a VPN.

A VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network.

What it allows you to do is to change your location virtually, to be somewhere else in the world.

In this instance, you can make yourself look like you are in the US or the Netherlands.

Of course, there are limitations to this as not every VPN server in the US will work with Disney Plus. That’s due to rights issues to content. 

Sure, Disney Plus does own all its content, but it also signed contracts that give others rights to that content in other countries, and until these contracts expire, Disney needs to make sure it’s preventing people from unsupported countries from watching, as otherwise, it’s breaking contracts and can get in trouble.

That’s why a lot of VPN servers don’t work with platforms like Disney, with many VPN servers not allowing you to watch Disney Plus with their VPN at all.

...And then there’s the even bigger issue of China banning VPN services, partly due to the fact that VPN services also aid in internet protection, and well, because they unblock censored content.

That means that out of the VPN services that would allow you to watch Disney Plus in China without this block, in reality, very few of these work in China.


As you need to have this feature called Stealth VPN.

See, while a VPN service can change your location on the internet and can keep you safe, a standard VPN service is relatively simple to detect as it doesn’t blend in with normal traffic.

That means that while China might not know who you are, they can block your internet from working while you are using a VPN. 

Stealth mode solves this issue. 

And that’s where PrivateVPN comes as a service that offers stealth mode, but also as a service that is able to unblock both American and Netherlands Disney Plus in China in 2020.

Just sign up for a 7-day risk-free account that doesn’t require any payment details, download the app, turn on Stealth VPN, and connect to a Disney Plus server.

It is worth noting that Stealth VPN will run slower than a standard VPN, but in locations like China, there’s no way around it.

This part? It’s the relatively easy part. The next step is the hardest if you want to watch Disney Plus in China.

Creating a Disney Plus Account in China

To create a Disney Plus account in China, you need a payment method from either the Netherlands or the US.

Disney is able to detect where your card is issued, and if it’s issued in the wrong region, it won’t let you sign up.

If you have friends from those regions, or even just from anywhere in Europe, you should be able to get a Disney Plus account with ease, if not, it might be a bit harder.

Here are some of our recommendations for creating a Disney Plus account in China in 2020:

  1. Ask someone in Europe to create a bunq account for you. This online bank allows you to sign up for Disney Plus in Europe with ease.
  2. Ask a friend to create an account for you with their card.
  3. Get a prepaid/virtual card issued in the US/Netherlands on the internet.

This for sure makes life hard if you want to watch Disney Plus in China, but that is the issue that you will have to deal with if you really want to watch Disney Plus in China.

That’s why we strongly recommend asking any friends you may have in Europe or the US.

Lastly, after you have an account and the right VPN to watch Disney Plus in China, you need to get the app, which isn’t the easiest considering a lot of means of getting apps in China are blocked.

How to Watch Disney Plus in China in 2020 on Android Devices 

If you do already have a Google Play store, you’ll need to connect to either a Netherlands or US region with a VPN, followed by downloading the app.

If you don’t already have it, you can download it from Google’s site, and you’ll then need to apply the same step.

To change or rather add a Google region, you need to: 

  1. Press on 3 bars on the top-left of the screen in your Play Store and press on Account.
  2. Google Play store will now give you the option to switch to a US or Netherlands location on your Google Play Store.
  3. You will need to update your payment method to do so. For that, add a new card.
  4. Download Disney+ and watch in China.

Alternatively, download Google Chrome, and enable Desktop Site, or download the Disney Plus app from the internet, from a trusted source.

How to Watch Disney Plus in China in 2020 on Apple Devices 

On Apple devices in China, you will actually get access to Apple’s App Store, although heavily cropped.

Here you will need to sign out of your current iCloud account, followed by creating a new one, acting as if you were in one of the Disney supported regions, while connected to a VPN.

That will now allow you to download Disney Plus.

Disney Plus on a TV in China?

This is where the options are very limited, even for people outside of China.

Platforms like Apple TV don’t support VPN services. Meanwhile, the only platform that does that connects to a TV is not available to buy in China.

That’s where the best option is just to connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI if you want to watch Disney Plus in China on the big screen.

That’s How to Watch Disney Plus in China in 2020

Watching Disney Plus in China in 2020 is possible.

It does require a lot of patience, though, and ideally friends outside of China.

The great thing about this guide?That PrivateVPN will also allow you to unblock BBC iPlayer, DAZN, ESPN+, and all the major platforms that don’t work in China. 

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While Disney Plus works with PrivateVPN, due to the nature of platforms like Disney making efforts to prevent VPN services from working, we cannot guarantee that the servers will work with Disney at all times. Something no VPN service can guarantee.