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Safely Watch BBC iPlayer Anywhere in the World—Without Buffering or Geoblocking

Why is our BBC VPN rated 5 stars?

  • Watch your favourite iPlayer shows regardless of location
  • Unlimited bandwidth so you’re never left buffering
  • 2048-bit encryption keeps your account private
  • Connect up to 6 devices to iPlayer VPN at once
  • Full 30-day money-back guarantee + support!

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Full 30-day money-back guarantee

Enjoy a speedy, secure and private connection so you can stream your favourite BBC shows. Any location. Any device.

Get a fully-dedicated VPN for BBC iPlayer and bypass frustrating location restrictions and speed throttling. There’s no risk to your account, and you can enjoy the full UK catalogue in crystal-clear HD as if you were home.

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I’ve Tried Other VPNs, They Didn’t Work…

Many other VPN providers don’t offer fully-secured UK IP addresses. Meaning BBC iPlayer CAN see where you’re streaming from. Not with PrivateVPN’s 2048-bit military-grade servers in London and Manchester. You’re fully privatised! Also, other VPN services don’t tell you to clear your browser cookies, or to stream in Incognito mode in Chrome/Firefox—so we’ll tell you. You should always do this, no matter which VPN you use. .

Here’s a small list of iPlayer shows blocked outside the UK:

  • Eastenders
  • Blue Planet
  • Sherlock
  • Dr Who
  • Masterchef
  • Casualty
  • Dragons’ Den
  • Top Gear
  • The Young Offenders
  • Collateral
  • Shetland
  • and hundreds more quality TV shows…

Geoblocking is causing you to miss out on over all of your favourite entertainment.

Why Can’t I Watch iPlayer from Outside the UK?

BBC iPlayer only has the right content licensing agreements for streaming within the UK. That’s a shame, since paying for a valid TV licence is essentially paying to access BBC content at home. What if you move abroad or go on holiday? You’d have to do without all your favourite TV shows until you get back.

Not with PrivateVPN. With our specialised VPN locations in London and Manchester, you can access your favourite shows, live sports matches, news channels and more with our UK-based IP addresses. When you connect to our dedicated BBC iPlayer VPN locations it’s like you never left home. Meaning you can stream quickly and privately from anywhere using your laptop, phone or tablet.

That’s why we created PrivateVPN

With PrivateVPN’s custom-built VPN for iPlayer you can easily bypass content geoblocking with just one click, stream the latest shows in buffer-free HD and never worry about blocked or flagged accounts when you travel.

  • Access the FULL UK catalogue of iPlayer content as soon as you sign up
  • Enjoy your favourite BBC shows whilst overseas
  • Stream in HD without buffering due to our unlimited-bandwidth
  • Stream from any laptop, tablet or mobile device with our unique app
  • Use any public or private wifi overseas without sacrificing your account safety
  • Remain safe and secure with our military-grade encrypted servers

and much, much more...

Unlocking BBC iPlayer Whilst Abroad is This Simple...

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After successfully encrypting over 15,000 Terabytes of data, maintaining a record 99.98% uptime and unlocking thousands of iPlayer accounts, it’s no wonder our users stick with PrivateVPN for years, even after trying other providers!

See what our users have to say about PrivateVPN:



Superior service! Simple, clear, efficient interface, PrivateVPN works! Fantastic customer assistance.

"PrivateVPN is quite simply an all-around excellent VPN. If you are like me, you are in the market for a good VPN, but finding it hard to choose from the many options – so many VPNs, all with great reviews and features, good prices . . . but really they all seem the same – so how do you pick one? Easy – look for a service that is competitively priced, moving up in the market and focused on strict quality, has excellent features, simple installation, and prompt, friendly and intelligent customer service.

For my money, that service is PrivateVPN. Here’s why: I wanted to switch from my present VPN, Cyberghost, which was slow and buggy, and like the other big name VPNs was just too big, expanding too fast, which I find untrustworthy. Sure, these big VPNs might cost a few pennies less and advertise that they have a zillion servers, but is that really a good thing? How can they control and monitor all those nodes? How can they provide personal attention to customers? When a company grows too fast it outstrips its ability to maintain quality control.

I was bewildered by the huge array of VPN services out there and was attracted to PrivateVPN by its low-key emphasis on streamlined quality. I have been using this VPN for a month, and am impressed. It is clean, simple, no bloat graphics. The servers are always available and speedy.

It is AMAZING for torrent P2P, blasted past my miserly ISP throttle with ease, speed up the downloads. These cats have thought of everything. Using Wi-Fi someplace where they block VPNs? No problem, just go to settings and punch “Stealth VPN” ! Presto, you are through the firewall. Worried about IPv6 leaking? There is a toggle for that too, although I ran IPv6 leak tests and haven’t needed that feature yet since the IPv6 hasn’t leaked. No codes, no geek acrobatics, it just works.

My search is over, I am sticking with PrivateVPN. It is a cut above, and stands out from the herd."

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PrivateVPN is tops for value and performance.

"PrivateVPN has worked well every time for me. It allowed me to bypass a blocked site. Other VPN’s failed ! My experience using PrivateVPN has been 100%.

Other VPNs failed to unblock sites or failed to keep their servers online and failed without a warning or user screen display. If the VPN server goes Offline for any reason, a user needs to know about it !"

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Great customer service!

Quick response to my inquiry about new subscriptions. Had an answer in less than 24 hrs. The representative was very polite and helpful. He directed me to how to sign up. Was using my new PrivateVPN without a problem that day. Very satisfied.

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Your Frequently Asked Questions

+ Didn’t iPlayer start cutting down on VPN users from overseas?

As they stated, yes. But this was merely a statement made to please their content providers who felt their shows were being viewed without the right licence agreements (it’s a money thing). In reality, iPlayer has no way to keep track of 1000s of VPNs that are connecting from around the world.

PrivateVPN has 4 ultra-secure UK servers for you to choose from, ensuring you’ll get to make the most of your iPlayer whilst abroad.

+ Will downtime interrupt my streaming?

We’ve had a record-breaking 99.98% uptime since we launched in 2008, that’s why our customers love PrivateVPN for iPlayer!

+ Will speed cuts mean low-quality streaming or buffering?

Unlike many VPN services, we purchase our internet capacity directly from IP transit providers. This coupled with our High-quality-network (HQN) servers mean you won’t experience major speed cuts.

In fact, many ISPs use Speed Throttling to slow your connection depending on your activities. Using a VPN bypasses this throttling since ISPs can’t see your activities, so some users actually experience increased internet speeds and better streaming.

+ Can I watch BBC iPlayer from any device?

Yes, we support most popular devices:

  • Laptop and Desktop - Use our PrivateVPN app for Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Smartphone and Tablet - Use our PrivateVPN app for iOS and Android
  • For Apple TV - Use VPN on your router

+ Is my iPlayer account really safe?

Technically, the BBC’s systems will be tricked into thinking you’re still in the UK so they’ll have no reason for suspicion. Our military-grade encryption has NEVER been compromised since we launched in 2008. In short, yes, your account is safe.

+ What if I change my mind and want a refund?

We have a great guarantee offer below...

You have a FULL 30-day money-back guarantee!

If PrivateVPN doesn’t give you immediate access to iPlayer whilst abroad, live up to our high-speed standards and geo-unlocking claims, we’ll refund you every last penny! You don’t have to decide for final right now. Try us with no risk...

Simply try PrivateVPN for 30 days and decide if you want to keep your access to BBC iPlayer at the end. There’s absolutely ZERO RISK.

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