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The Best VPN for Entertainment (What You Need to Look At)

People get VPN services for all different kinds of reasons, and depending on the reason, the best VPN for you will differ. But if you are looking for the best VPN for entertainment, there are a few key elements you need to look at that might not matter as much when it comes to using a VPN for security purposes, that are vital when it comes to entertainment.

Don’t Look at Quantity If Looking for the Best VPN for Entertainment

This is the biggest mistake people make when looking for the best VPN for entertainment. People assume that more is better, and that’s unfortunately not true in most cases.

Especially when it comes to VPN servers.

PrivateVPN has 150+ server location in 60 countries. There’s a lot of services that have much more servers available, yet, it’s PrivateVPN that supports the most Netflix regions on the market.

And that’s because it’s not enough to put out a server. Services like Hulu make constant efforts to prevent VPN services from working. If a server isn’t of enough quality, it won’t work with entertainment platforms.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of going for a service with more servers, but if there’s anything you take out of this, whether you go for PrivateVPN or not, it’s that quality is the most important when it comes to entertainment.

The best VPN for entertainment needs to support platforms like Hulu, HBO, Netflix, DAZN, along with many others. PrivateVPN doesn’t compete with others when it comes to server quantity, but it beats others when it comes to supporting services that people want to use.

Speed Matters

Most VPN services fail to mention that if your internet is poor in the first place, that you will have issues streaming. Unless your internet provider is purposefully slowing down certain sites, your internet won’t be any faster when streaming. 

When it comes to speed, this is where the quality of servers comes in once again. Especially when it comes to streaming sports on the likes of DAZN. Watching a match that pauses every 30 seconds is not what any sports fan wants. Especially if you are inviting your friends over to watch.

Latency, which is how long it takes for data to travel from your home to a server, is a big factor when it comes to live streaming. What does PrivateVPN do about it? It invests in most of its internet capacity from IP Transit Providers directly. That results in lower latency and much faster streaming, without the terribly annoying pauses that always tend to happen when your team is about to score.

Of course, the further away you are from the VPN server that you want to connect to, the higher the latency, but when it comes to things that you need to look at when looking for the best VPN for entertainment, where the internet capacity comes from is important. And if it’s not mentioned, it’s most likely just form hosting sites. That should work for standard Netflix, but when it comes to Netflix in 4K or live streaming with Hulu, it won’t be enough. 

Support Worldwide Is Vital in Regions That Aren’t VPN Friendly

The best VPN for entertainment is only the best if it works. 

Countries like China have VPN bans which prevent VPN services from working which as a result makes it impossible to use the likes of Hulu in China, even with a VPN turned on.

That’s because VPN services are overall easily detectable because they are different compared to other traffic on the internet. If China recognizes that you are using a VPN, it will prevent your internet from working until you stop using it. And that’s where Stealth VPN comes in.

Stealth VPN blends in with normal traffic, meaning that when you use it, you will be able to access entertainment that you want to access.

However, something to keep in mind when it comes to Stealth VPN is that it does slow down your internet compared to using a standard VPN so it might not be ideal for all live streaming, depending on your internet speeds in the first place.

The Best VPN for Entertainment

How many servers a VPN has doesn’t matter if they won’t work with entertainment platforms that you want to access. The best VPN for entertainment needs to support what you want to watch, and it needs to do so without slowing down your connection to the point that you need to wait at any given time.

Whether you choose to give PrivateVPN a try or not, these are the things you need to look at when looking for the best VPN for Entertainment.

Written by Michael Smolski.