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How to Get Hulu in Australia (STEP BY STEP)

Do you want to get Hulu in Australia? It’s not just people in Australia that have to deal with this issue. People in the UK, where you would expect for content to be available with ease, also have to search for how to get Hulu and why it’s not available in the first place. Right now, Hulu is only available in the US and Japan.

...And everywhere else on the planet if you read this step by step guide about how to get Hulu in Australia.

The Steps You Need to Take to Get Hulu in Australia

We’ll be honest with you. You need to have patience if you want to get Hulu in Australia. Hulu is worth having, but it’s not always possible to make it work right away.

That’s because the first step to getting Hulu in Australia requires an American card. The second? It requires fooling Hulu into thinking you are in the US, with the third requiring you to fool your app store into thinking that you are in the US.

However, while this all sounds complicated, this guide to break it down step by step to make getting Hulu in Australia as pain-free as possible.

Creating a Hulu Account to Get Hulu in Australia

If you go to, you will right away see two options. One for getting Live TV with Hulu which we recently wrote about and another for the standard Hulu account.

The live TV Hulu option offers a 7-day trial meanwhile the standard Hulu options offers a 30-day trial which is great as if you decide that Hulu isn’t for you, you can go on with your life without Hulu.

The key to creating a Hulu account is to have an American card, though. And that can be tough.

Our suggestions?

  1. Ask someone that possesses an American card if they can create an account for you with their card. Even offer to share your account.
  2. Ask someone that already has a Hulu account if they can share with you. Offer to pay for half of the account.
  3. Get a prepaid card issued in the US.
  4. Get a virtual prepaid card issued in the US.

Step 3 due to you being in Australia will require you to wait sometime before the card comes, which leaves step 4 as your quickest solution if step 1 or 2 isn’t an option. There’s plenty of services offering American cards out there if you do some quick research on Google.

Our advice if you want to get Hulu in Australia with step 3 or 4? Have funds on your card. DAZN needs to verify cards so that someone isn’t able to keep signing up with virtual cards. If you don’t have any funds on your card, it won’t be able to do so.

After you get a Hulu account in Australia, you can buy a Hulu gift card and use that method instead.

Apart from that, if you want to get Hulu in Australia, when it comes to creating an account, the steps for that are overall pretty simple. It’s like creating any other account.

Fooling Hulu to Get Hulu in Australia

Fooling Hulu to get Hulu in Australia is far easier than most would assume.

All you need is a VPN that works with Hulu, and that’s it.

The important thing is to get the right VPN service.

It’s not enough to connect to an American server if you want to get Hulu in Australia. Hulu is able to detect VPN services and can prevent them from working.

That’s why it crucial to use a VPN that is known to work with Hulu.

PrivateVPN being one that supports Hulu just like it supports the likes of DAZN in Australia.

The only hard part of fooling Hulu to get Hulu in Australia is, in fact, finding the right VPN that works with Hulu.

Many simply don’t.

To get Hulu in Australia, A VPN that works with Hulu combined with a Hulu account is enough, but depending on where you want to watch Hulu on, you might need to continue reading to install the Hulu app on your device. It won’t appear in your app store unless you are connected to an American app store.

How to Get Hulu in Australia on Apple Devices

To make Hulu appear in your store on your Apple devices, you need to log out of your iCloud account followed by the creation of a new iCloud account with your location based in the US.

Doing so will show you the American App Store, and will let thus let you get Hulu in Australia on Apple devices.

It’s crucial that you don’t try to change your region on your current account, though. That will result in you losing everything.

If you desire, you can sign back into your old account, and switch between, without losing anything, after you download Hulu.

How to Get Hulu in Australia on Android Devices

When it comes to Android devices, Google has a little guide about changing the location of your Google Play Store. Check that out.

Of course, make sure to change your location to be in the US when changing your location.

How to Get Hulu in Australia on Amazon Fire TV Devices

When it comes to TV’s Android and Fire TV Stick are your only options.

Roku, Apple TV, and the Chromecast do not support VPN services, as of yet.

If you want t get Hulu in Australia without having to connect your laptop to your TV, we strongly recommend that you just get a Fire TV Stick.

  • To download Hulu on your Fire TV Stick, go to your current Amazon account in the web browser.
  • Click on Accounts & Lists, followed by Manage Your Account and Content.
  • While there change your region to be in the US.
  • Go to your Amazon Fire TV device. Select Settings and My Account.
  • Deregister and sign back into your account.

That will let you get Hulu in Australia on your Fire TV Stick.

Will This Always Be the Case That You Need to Search for How to Get Hulu in Australia?

This is how to get Hulu in Australia explained step by step, but we know that it’s annoying to have to read these guides just to make a service work.

However, in the last few weeks, a light in a tunnel has appeared.

We don’t want to be starting speculations like other sites, but Disney recently acquired Hulu in a very big portion and agreed to buy the remaining stakes of Hulu in the next few years which means that a new group will be in charge. That doesn’t mean that Hulu will become available worldwide as some would suggest, but it does nevertheless increase the possibilities, especially since Disney has no issue spending money, and they are targeting the worldwide market with their recent moves such as Disney Plus which we talked about a lot, recently.

Found this useful? Did you know that you can unblock the most possible Netflix regions on the market by using PrivateVPN? For more useful guides, check out our blog, and if you ever have any issues, reach out to our customer service that our users love!

Written by Michael Smolski.