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How to Watch HBO GO Outside of the US in 2019

HBO GO lets HBO customers watch HBO on the internet. The problem? It only works in the US meaning that unless you are traveling only in the US, it’s mostly useless since it requires you to have HBO with your TV provider to work. Luckily there is a way to watch HBO GO outside of the US in 2019 so that if you are traveling outside of the US, then you can still stay updated on your favorite shows.

And if you are not from the US in the first place and don’t have an American TV provider with HBO, then HBO GO is what you are looking for. We recently made a post about it.  HBO GO the best option for you if you don’t live in the US but still want to watch HBO outside of the US in 2019.

Considering that the last season of Game of Thrones that has been in the making for the last 2 years is coming out in 2019 with it also being the most expensive TV show ever developed if there is any year to have HBO, 2019 is the one. And we all know how the internet is with their spoilers, you either watch it right away, or you end up finding out regardless of the precautions you take.

What’s the Difference Between HBO GO AND HBO NOW?

Pretty much none.

You still get the same content in the same time frame, but HBO GO is for people that already have access to HBO through their TV subscription. Meanwhile, HBO NOW is for people that either don’t have HBO in their TV subscription, don’t have a TV subscription, or don’t live in the US and are able to trick HBO into thinking that they are with a few tricks which we so happened to also share on our blog.

How to Watch HBO GO Outside of the US in 2019

To watch HBO GO outside of the US in 2019, you need to make HBO think that you are in the US.

If you want to access HBO GO you have an advantage of not having to make an account with an American card or via gift cards that you don’t have, meaning that the the only thing you need to do is to trick HBO Go into thinking you are in the US.

Not the hardest thing to do as HBO does not make it significantly hard to watch HBO GO outside of the US compared to the likes of Hulu for instance.

All you need to do to watch HBO GO outside of the US is to have a VPN service that is located in the US. Luckily most VPN services have servers in the US. And most should work. Not all do though.

The situation is not near as bad as Hulu when it comes to using VPN services, but some VPN services still don’t work with HBO. PrivateVPN? It does have some VPN servers that work with HBO.

But if you are searching for how to watch HBO GO outside of the US in 2019, are you only looking for how to access HBO? What about Netflix? What about Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix which we all cover on our blog, or otherwise just reach out to our customer support.

Written by Michael Smolski.