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How to stay secure at Web Summit - 2017

Web Summit is called the greatest tech conference in the world. It’s also one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but with 60,000 people at an event, there come some risks, both digitally and physically. How do you stay secure at Web Summit?

Firstly, the chances of somebody stealing your information or items are low. People don’t pay sums of €800 for an event to steal your belongings. But out of 60,000 people, it only takes one person to ruin your trip.

Protect Your Information on the Internet

Password or no password, on a public network, as long as there are other people connected, you are not secure.

When you go into Starbucks, there will be about 50 people there or so, but we are talking about thousands during Web Summit.

You are a journalist. You are writing a piece followed by you logging in so that you can publish it. Somebody might be able to see those details. As media, it should be very important for you to stay secure at Web Summit.

If you want to protect your information, you need to use a virtual private network also known as a VPN. A VPN makes everything that you do on the internet encrypted.

And there are several other benefits to having a VPN. As long as the company that you are using has servers in the locations that you want to use, you can connect to these, and virtually be in a different country. That’s great for accessing content that is not available in Portugal. PrivateVPN actually offers servers in 55 locations. There’s a post about how to set it up on Windows and Android, but it’s also available on macOS and iPhones.

But it’s pretty straightforward.

  • Go into Downloads.
  • Get the right application for your device.
  • Install it.
  • Log in.
  • Connect to the server that you desire.

Protect Your Belongings

After securing your data, it’s the physical things that you want to keep secure.

What do you do when you lose something at home? You figure out where you put something last, right? But you know your home. You don’t know the locations that you are more than likely visiting for the first time.

That’s where modern technology comes in. Have a tracker.

Check the internet. They are constantly gaining popularity so you won’t have a problem finding one at all. And for a good reason, especially if it’s not that you forgot something but that somebody stole something from you.

There are luggage trackers. There’s luggage with built-in trackers. You can get trackers that you stick onto your laptop or wallet. There are plenty of options that will keep you secure. You can’t find what you can’t track.

Have a Lock

Having a tracker is great if somebody takes an item that you can track, not so great if it’s an item that can’t be tracked. That’s why having a lock is essential. It makes it harder for somebody to take an individual piece from your bag. Somebody will have to take the full bag with a tracker, and that can often buy you time and allow you to find your belongings.


Web Summit is a great event. There are very low chances of somebody stealing your data or items.

These are simple precautions so that you can for sure stay secure at Web Summit. It only takes one person for your items to go missing.

Now, plan your trip. There are so many things going on that it’s not going to be easy to choose what to do.

Written by Michael Smolski.