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Is DAZN Worth it & How to Unblock DAZN Content

A few months ago the sports streaming platform DAZN rolled out worldwide, having previously only been located in select locations such as the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Now that it’s available around the world, the question of whether DAZN is worth it comes up.

In this guide, we go over that, and over how to unblock DAZN content, to access more of it in your region.

Is DAZN Worth it? (Without Unblocking DAZN Content, probably not)

DAZN may have had rolled out worldwide, but by itself that doesn’t mean much.

The content available between regions varies a ton, with most of the regions only offering boxing matches.

...For boxing fans that may be great, but for anyone else, that might not be enough.

Especially if you look at the likes of Canadian DAZN which offers anything from the Champions League, Serie A, all the way to the Premier League.

That is simply not the case in most of DAZN regions.

...Even the US DAZN has a pretty limited showing, with mostly boxing.

So is DAZN worth it? Absolutely. It’s one of the best sport streaming platforms out there, at one of the best costs. But it depends on your region, and if DAZN jsut rolled to your region recently, it probably means it’s not worth it.

...At least unless you unblock it, which we’ll go over now.

How to Unblock DAZN Content in Your Region

In the past, this was somewhat difficult. 

It required changing your region virtually, but then also to have the right card issued in the right country. 

...Now because DAZN is available around the world, you only need to change your region virtually to unblock DAZN.

How do you do that? 

By using a VPN.

VPN services allow you to change your virtual region online. 

The catch?

That changing your virtual region is not enough to unblock DAZN content.

DAZN needs to make efforts to show the content it can show, only in the countries it can show it in. 

That’s why most VPN services don’t work with DAZN.

...And even when they do, they often don’t support all the major DAZN regions.

That’s where PrivateVPN comes in as a service with a focus on entertainment and making sure entertainment services work, whether that’s Canadian DAZN, Italian DAZN, American DAZN, or Japanese DAZN.

  1. Sign up for a PrivateVPN account.
  2. Download the PrivateVPN app.
  3. Connect to one of the DAZN servers.

If you want to watch Canadian DAZN which has the most DAZN content, connect to a Canadian server, and so on...

That’s how you unblock DAZN content in your region, and make DAZN worth it.

...But Why is All DAZN Content Not Available Everywhere?

Sporting rights? They are super expensive to acquire, often costing hundreds of millions to watch.

Those rights? They are often sold exclusively, making them more in-demand, but also for specific regions only, to increase potential of revenue.

The result?

DAZN isn’t able to show a lot of its content.

...And thus having to take measures to prevent people from watching, in order not to get in trouble for showing content that it can’t show.

With rights often being sold exclusively, and in the likes of EU, with priority towards national providers, it makes it hard for DAZN to expand with content, as a lot of the deals that were signed 2-3 years ago, are still in place, and DAZN can’t do anything about them, until they expire.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN supportsDAZN and has done so for many years, due to the nature of services like DAZN taking efforts against VPN services, it cannot guarantee, non-stop, 100% of the time support. No service can.

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