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How to Watch American Amazon Prime Outside of the US

Amazon Prime is spreading throughout the world, and for a lot of great reasons that we’ll get into in a few moments, but while it’s more available than ever, you are probably searching for how to watch American Amazon Prime outside of the US because you know that Amazon Prime content is vastly limited outside of the US.

Why Should You Get Amazon Prime in the First Place?

Amazon Prime doesn’t offer as much content as Netflix, and that’s fine because while it doesn’t do that, it does offer a lot more value.

For one, if you ever shop with Amazon, Amazon Prime gives you fast shipping for free, on most products. Depending on your location. That reason alone will make it worth it for many.

Amazon Prime also means over 2 million songs and 2 million Kindle books per month offering a value of knowledge and entertainment whether you watch or listen.

And most importantly for you, it’s the access to movies and shows that the likes of Netflix does not have, some consisting of Amazon made content such as The Man in the High Castle which is a beyond brilliant alternative history show based in 1962 with a plot consisting of a different result of the WW II. A very interesting TV show to watch.

The problem with Amazon Prime is that while it’s still worth it even if you are not in the US, that as far as movies and shows go, the library is much poorer when you are outside of the US. That’s why it makes sense that you are searching for how to watch American Amazon Prime outside of the US.

How Do You Watch American Amazon Prime Outside of the US?

It’s pretty simple.

All you need is a VPN.

A VPN allows you to change the location on your device, without moving.

The important aspect? Getting the right VPN. We aren’t going to tell you that PrivateVPN is the only solution to your problem. It’s not. But it’s one of the few.

Perhaps you have seen a VPN ad before. Some services focus on how many servers they have. What they don’t share is how many of these work with the services that you want to access. PrivateVPN? It doesn't have the most VPN servers on the market, yet it does support the most Netflix regions on the market. That’s the result of investing in quality rather than quantity. In this case, it also supports American Amazon Prime outside of the US, just like it supports DAZN.

That’s How to Watch American Amazon Prime Outside of the US

It’s not as hard to watch American Amazon Prime outside of the US as it is to watch some of the other streaming services worth having in 2019 that we wrote on our blog about. Make sure to check that post out if you are unsure about whether you should go for Amazon Prime or something else.

We are always happy to help!

Written by Michael Smolski.