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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2019

Do you want to watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2019? This is how everyone in the UK feels about pretty much every American Service. People want to watch American Netflix, Hulu, and American Amazon Prime. Geo-blocks on content suck. But while we can’t change them, we can help you bypass them so that you can watch BBC iPlayer in the US whether you live in the US or are merely visiting on a holiday.

Why You Can’t Watch BBC iPlayer in the US in the First Place?

As if you aren’t in the UK, then you aren’t paying the TV license fee, and thus, you can’t watch BBC iPlayer.

That explanation only works until you are paying your TV license fee because you live in the UK, but decided to go traveling for a month or two. What then? You paying for it after all. And you still can’t watch it.

But that’s the official reason according to BBC so it doesn’t matter whether you are paying your TV license or not. If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2019 then you need to be in the UK. Or you at least need to make BBC iPlayer think that you are in the UK.

That’s the solution for all services that you want to access but can’t due to geo-blocks. A geo-block is only a geo-block until you are in the right location.

To Watch BBC iPlayer in the US, You Just Need to Be in the UK by Being There Virtually.

How do you do that?

By using a VPN.

A VPN allows you to be virtually anywhere on the planet provided the service you are using has servers there. And that’s how you connect to BBC iPlayer in the US. You need to be in the UK as far as BBC is concerned.

What VPN should you choose to watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2019

Firstly, it needs to be a VPN that works with BBC iPlayer.

Just because a VPN has servers in the UK does not automatically make it work with BBC. Most major platforms have some sorts of systems in place to prevent VPN services from allowing people to bypass.

But that’s only a problem to worry about if the VPN service even offers servers in the UK. The issue is that not everyone does. The US is the biggest worry for VPN providers are naturally most people want to connect to American servers since that’s where the most content is.

PrivateVPN works with BBC iPlayer in the US but it also works with the Netflix in the UK and DAZN which is fully available in the likes of Canada but much limited in the US. But as far as Netflix goes, PrivateVPN doesn’t just provide Netflix servers for the UK region. It provides them in most regions on the market as based on tests done by Comparitech which consisted of 5,000 manual tests.

That’s How You Can Watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2019

You need to make a BBC account. You need to download PrivateVPN. And as long as you are connected to a working BBC iPlayer server based in the UK, you will be able to watch BBC iPlayer in the US in 2019.

Written by Michael Smolski.