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How to Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

Rainy day in the UK so on the way to the pub you decide to return to try to watch DAZN at home? Maybe you have a different reason. Either way, you tried using DAZN and can’t as you get a message that DAZN is not available in the UK. That’s why you are here. To figure how to set DAZN up in the UK on all devices.

And the good news is that we will help you do it so that you can watch the game you want to watch now or later without ever having to worry about finding the right stream or without having to go out when you don’t want to.

To make it as simple as possible for you to set up DAZN in the UK on all devices, we will break this down into 3 steps. Fooling DAZN, fooling the app store, and making a DAZN account

Oh, and if you find this DAZN post of value, we have plenty of more on our blog!

Fooling Your App Store to Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

If you plan on watching from your laptop or computer, skip this step, you don’t need a DAZN app for these. You can watch directly from your web browser. That’s not the case with the likes of the Fire TV Stick or your mobile devices though. And well, the DAZN app is only available for download in supported countries.

This step varies across different platforms hence we are laying it out for you based on different platforms, not including the Chromecast, as Chromecast won’t work with this method.

Fooling the Apple App Store to Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

On an Apple device, you first need to sign out of your iCloud account. You can do that by going into Settings and pressing your name. Put in your password, and sign out. After that in the iCloud tab in the settings of your phone, make a new account.

The reason you need to make a new account is that if you change location on your current account, well, you will lose everything.

Except, make it to be in Canada while providing a real address that you can get by using an address generator.

After that, you should be able to set up DAZN in the UK on any device as far as Apple devices are concerned.

And yes, after you download DAZN, you can log back into your other account.

Fooling the Google Play Store to Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

The method differs a lot here compared to the Apple devices.

On Android devices, you don’t have to make a new account. You merely have to change the location of your store.

  • To do that, go to payments.google.com and click on Settings followed by pressing the Country tab.
  • Now select Canada in the Play Store as your current location. Of course, use a real address. For that, you can use a random address generator.
  • After you finish with that, go to Settings on your device and click on Apps where you will find the Google Play Store. Make sure to click Force Stop.
  • Oh, and lastly, go into Storage and click the button in caps that states CLEAR DATA.
  • That should make DAZN available for you, allowing you to set up DAZN in the UK on any device as far as Android is concerned. And if this doesn’t work, repeat the last two steps.

Fooling the Amazon Appstore to Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

To set up DAZN on the Fire TV Stick/Cube, go to Amazon.co.uk on your laptop or computer. Press Your Account followed by Your Content and Devices.

There, change your location to be in Germany. The reason you need to change it into Germany is that while DAZN is supported in Canada, the Amazon Appstore for the Fire TV isn’t and thus you won’t see a DAZN there.

Make sure to provide a real address. You can use an address generator taken from Google for that.

You will need to remove your payment options from your account too. In certain cases, you will also need to add a German card or bank. Luckily, it’s pretty damn easy to create a virtual account. Or create an account with N26 for instance. You will get a German bank account right after signing up.

After you are done with all of that, go into your Fire TV Stick, and deregister your account. You can do that by going to Settings followed by My Account, and Amazon Account. There you will see an option to Deregister. Do that, and provide your details again followed by activating your Fire TV Stick.

Fooling DAZN to Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

Getting a DAZN app is relatively easy. This? Slightly harder.

To set up DAZN in the UK on all devices, DAZN must actually think you are in a supported country as otherwise, you will merely get a message when you enter their site about how you are not in the right country.

There’s only one way to fool DAZN.

It requires changing location virtually, something that can be done with a VPN network which allows you to be in a different country without being there by connecting to a server outside of your country.


And that’s a problem.

Perhaps you already use a VPN service and found that out yourself, and are looking for a working one.

PrivateVPN has a working DAZN server in Canada with more coming soon. If you connect to it, you will be able to set up DAZN in the UK on any device. And all devices in this post are supported by PrivateVPN. Merely download the app and connect. We can’t share the working server here but it’s in Canada, and you will figure it out quickly!

Making a DAZN Account to Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

This might be the hardest step of them all.

See, DAZN takes plenty of precautions to make sure that you cannot use DAZN in the wrong country due to the pressure by right holders.

To set up DAZN in the UK, you, of course, need an account, and for that, you will need a Canadian card. And yep. That’s an issue.

Our advice? Ask a Canadian.

If you can’t, well, buy a prepaid card from Canada. Or use a virtual one.

Making a DAZN account is just as tough as making a Hulu account.

Without a supported card, you will not be able to create a DAZN account.

Set up DAZN in the UK on All Devices

If you want to set up DAZN in the UK, you need to have the app, you need to fool DAZN which you can with PrivateVPN, and most importantly, you need to be able to make an account.

Can you do that? We hope so. Otherwise, you will need to continue watching the games you don’t want, in places you don’t want, with people you don’t like.

Written by Michael Smolski.