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How to Watch Hulu Away from Home on All of Your Devices

You are going away and want to watch Hulu away from home? You are paying for a subscription after all, so why shouldn’t you be able to watch the likes of Hulu away from home? Frankly, you have it easy as you already have a subscription. And well, if you don’t, we do have a guide about watching Hulu outside of the US, that will go over registration and installing the Hulu app if you never lived in the US.

Why You Can’t Watch Hulu Away from Home in the First Place?

Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu shows TV shows right after they air. Netflix does that too to a certain extent with certain shows, but Hulu really takes it to a completely new level.

The rights to air something a day after are just more expensive to acquire thus explaining Hulu’s business model of sticking only to the US. TV shows don’t air in the same country on two different networks, right away. That rarely happens. It goes down to exclusivity. And if Hulu was to be in the UK, it would need to pay for pretty much every show they have, again.

Think of it this way, if somebody could use Hulu to watch a show in the UK, what would be the point of a TV channel paying for the rights to a show in the UK?

And that often hurts users like you that want to watch Hulu away from home while on vacation.

Luckily instead of 3 different tricks, you only need one trick.

Watch Hulu Away from Home on All of Your Devices

If you were a UK resident, you would need to get an American card to even make an account. You would also need to play around with the app store of your device. If you just want to watch Hulu away from home on all of your devices, you merely need to fool Hulu into thinking that you are still at home.

It’s that simple.

To fool Hulu into thinking that you are in the US, you need a VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network which can protect your activities on the internet incredibly well, but that also does an incredible job at allowing you to be in different locations, virtually.

But Hulu also knows that VPN’s exist. And, well, yep, that results in most VPN services not working with Hulu.

And that’s where PrivateVPN comes in. PrivateVPN doesn’t just work with Hulu, it also has an app on both the Fire TV Stick and Cube.

There are other VPN services that of course have servers in the US, but if they don’t have a server working with Hulu, then they will be of no use to you.

If you connect to a Hulu supported PrivateVPN server, you will be able to watch Hulu away from home on all of your devices. And installing PrivateVPN is ridiculously simple. It’s a 30-second registration followed by an installation of PrivateVPN on your device, and boom, lastly connect, and that’s it.

And if you are looking for how to watch Hulu away from home on all of your devices, the chances are that you are also looking for how to do that with Netflix and Amazon Prime, and the good news is that we support the most Netflix servers out of VPN services.

Do note that this method does not work with the Chromecast though.

Written by Michael Smolski.