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How to Watch DAZN Outside of Canada Regardless of Where You Are

Many sporting events are just about to kick off. You want to know how to watch DAZN outside of Canada so that you can watch any sports and match you desire without having to overpay for the TV subscription that limits you to watching the games that are the most in demand. Not everybody supports great clubs. Why should you have to pay to not get to watch your club play?

DAZN is the Netflix of sports. You choose what you want to watch. Nobody chooses for you.

Except DAZN chooses who can watch DAZN. Mostly based on where it makes finical sense the most at the present moment. And if you are not in Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, or even Switzerland, DAZN won’t work for you. Does that mean you can’t use it? Well with the right tools and knowledge you can, and we are here to help you watch DAZN outside of Canada regardless of where you are.

What Needs to Happen for You Watch DAZN Outside of Canada Regardless of Where You Are

When you were younger, you would fake your age to go into sites that were 16+. You fooled systems, but it got you in. You also need to fool DAZN except not with your age but your location. And that’s a lot harder to do as you can’t just put in that you are in Canada and expect DAZN to work.

There are special systems in place that check your location, and if you are outside of the supported country, you will get is a message that you are not in the right country.

To watch DAZN outside of Canada, you need to make DAZN think you are in Canada. And you do that via a virtual private network also known as a VPN. A VPN allows you to be in different countries without being there, provided the service you use has servers there.

PrivateVPN? It has servers in Canada. But...it’s not just about having a server. The reason location restriction exists in the first place is due to the fact that there’s some motive behind it. In this case? It’s the pressure of right holders.

Why would BT pay £1.18 billion for the exclusive rights to Champions League in the UK if they weren’t exclusive due to somebody using DAZN in the UK? That’s why it’s hard to watch DAZN outside of Canada and other supported countries.

But PrivateVPN does have a working DAZN server. It’s called Toronto 2. After you go through our 30-second registration and sign in to our client, connect to Toronto 2 server and DAZN will work. Any other server from our service or any other service? You will get the same message as prior but with an extra bit about turning off a VPN.

So it that it? Not really. Unless you already have a DAZN account and are planning on watching on your web browser instead of your phone or Fire TV Stick/Cube.

To Watch DAZN Outside of Canada You Need to Go Through Registration First

This is hard.

You can’t just use any card for this.

To watch DAZN outside of Canada you need to have a Canadian card.

How do you acquire one? The easiest method would most likely be to buy a pre-paid card in Canada and ship it to yourself. The faster method would consist of buying a virtual card. Google for one.

The most practical method though? Ask somebody in Canada to get you an account. Pay extra if needed or offer them the usage of the account.

If you don’t do something, you won’t be able to register. And if you can’t register, being able to watch DAZN outside of Canada regardless of where you are via a VPN will be for nothing.

And then there’s the problem with getting the apps downloaded. We’ll go through that now.

Watch DAZN Outside of Canada Regardless of Where You Are on Android

You could download the app from a random source on the internet, but you would be putting your device at risk. You don’t know what’s planted in apps that don’t come from official sources.

The safe way is to download from the Play Store, but once you try, you will see that DAZN is nowhere to be found on the Play Store in your location.

That’s why you need to change the location of the Play Store.

  • Go to payments.google.com and click on Settings.
  • Press on the Country tab.
  • Select Canada or any other supported location by DAZN. Make sure to provide a real address. You can find a random one with an address generator.
  • Submit and go into Settings on your device followed by Apps where you need to find Google Play Store and press Force Stop.
  • Lastly, go to Storage and click the button in caps that states CLEAR DATA.

    Repeat Force Stop and CLEAR DATA if DAZN is not available for download.

Watch DAZN Outside of Canada Regardless of Where You Are on iOS (iPhone + iPad)

If you want to watch DAZN outside of Canada on your iOS device whether that’s an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad, you can’t just change your location like on Android as you will lose everything you ever bought.

  • Instead, you need to first sign out of your iCloud account and go into the iCloud tab in Settings where you will see a button about making a new account.
  • Press it.
  • Make it be in Canada or any other supported country.
  • When putting an address, make sure to use a real address. You can get one from an address generator.
  • After you have a new account, you should be able to find and download DAZN.

Watch DAZN Outside of Canada Regardless of Where You Are on the Fire TV Stick/Cube

We made a separate post on this as this is frankly quite complicated but if you want to watch DAZN on the big screen, Fire TV Stick/Cube is probably your best bet.

To put simply, changing location differs depending on the store but one thing is for sure, you need to change your store to be in Germany as Canada doesn’t have a dedicated store meaning Germany is your best shot for downloading DAZN.

  • The first step to watching DAZN outside of Canada regardless of where you are on the Fire TV Stick/Cube is to go into the Amazon website.
  • The Amerian Amazon will state Accounts & Lists under your name meanwhile the UK one will state Your Account. Whatever it states click on it, and go to Your Content and Devices.
  • There you need to change your location to be in Germany, with a real address. Use an address generator for that.

But you also need a German card or bank account for that. If you use N26 in Europe which is an online bank, that will work. Other than that, you might have to get a prepaid card or a virtual card or you might have a problem downloading DAZN. It will appear but you will get an error downloading it. And make sure to remove any cards that aren’t issued in Germany when doing this. You can add them later.

And oh, when you change your address, you need to register your Amazon account again on your Fire TV Stick/Cube. Go into Settings followed by My Account and you’ll see an option to deregister

That’s How to Watch DAZN Outside of Canada Regardless of Where You Are

Of course, you need to download the PrivateVPN app on all of these devices. You know how to do that, we hope.

If your device isn’t listed in this, contact our award-winning customer support. They’ll help you out.

And if you are wondering, Chromecast is not supported as no VPN works with Chromecast.


Written by Michael Smolski.