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Do You Need a VPN in Hong Kong

Recent events happening in Hong Kong have a lot of people worried, and that has got people asking whether you need a VPN in Hong Kong.

But first...

What’s Happening in Hong Kong

If you are here because you are about to move or visit to Hong Kong, or are just interested in the current situation, let’s explain what is currently happening.

1997⬅️ Hong Kong, a colony of Britain, in a way gets returned to China, with semi-autonomous rule set up to last until at least 2047. Hong Kong, while part of China, essentially becomes its own country, with a separate economic, political, and legal system.

...A system that was meant to be in place until 2047.

...But things started changing in June of 2019, leading to huge-scale protests.

➡️June 2020 - Chinese president signs a new national security law set to come into play on the anniversary of the 1997 handover, which is set to drastically reduce the cities freedoms, signaling the beginning of the end of Hong Kong as it is in its current form.

The new law? 

  • Vandalising during protests can be considered terrorism, which can result in a life sentence.
  • Allows to create a new national security council in Hong Kong with its chosen members.
  • Will also offer those found guilty an ability to get a more lenient sentence in exchange for information.
  • Allows for behind closed-walls trials, wire-tapping of potential subjects, and even worse, the potential of subjects being tried on mainland China.
  • Internet providers will potentially have to hand over data if it’s requested by the police.

This is not the first time China tried to get control over Hong Kong. It has happened several times during the years, even as early as 2004, but these recent laws severely put the freedom of Hong Kongers at stake.

And this is where the question of whether you need a VPN in Hong Kong comes in.

Do You Need a VPN in Hong Kong?

If you are doing anything that you wouldn’t want your internet provider sharing with someone, you need a VPN.

...In fact, if you are currently reading this, you probably need a VPN.

But it’s not as simple as just getting a VPN.

...Right now, it might be since China doesn’t have full control over Hong Kong, meaning that you can use a VPN without major issues, but once that changes and VPN services become banned in Hong Kong, you will be in trouble.

And this is where PrivateVPN comes in as a service that comes with Stealth VPN.

What’s Stealth VPN? It’s a way for you to blend in with normal internet traffic, thus allowing you to bypass blocks of VPN services, in countries where such happens, at the cost of speed.

Don’t think you need a VPN at this moment since things aren’t yet that bad? 


Why? As with the way things are going, if China took over Hong Kong fully any time soon, or even just partly, with the right laws against your privacy or safety, it could mean that VPN services could be blocked under the context that they serve against the safety of the interests of China.

...And if that happened, it would be hard for you to access VPN websites like PrivateVPN.

...Meanwhile, if you already have PrivateVPN installed and connected on your phone or computer, even if you don’t right now plan to use it for safety, in the future, in the event that things go terribly wrong and websites and VPN services get restricted, you will be happy you had it.

But then there’s a whole other side to VPN services that has nothing to do with your safety or privacy. It’s the entertainment part.

VPN services that have servers that focus on entertainment are also able to unblock streaming services that may not be around where you are. 

For instance? Hulu, or DAZN.

And many other services that are not available in Hong Kong due to rights issues, with that list potentially getting smaller, if China gets more involved in Hong kong.

But you can test out what services you can unblock with PrivateVPN, with a 7-day trial with no need for a card.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN works in countries in censorship and supports blocked entertainment services around the world, due to the nature of constant measures being taken against VPN services, it cannot guarantee you non-stop 100% of the time, support, at all given times.