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How to Book a Holiday When in Iran (Even with US sanctions)

Do you want to book a holiday when in Iran? You can’t. Not anymore. Whether booking for a place in or outside of Iran, it doesn’t matter, regardless of where you actually come from. Unless you know something that most people don’t.

Imagine waking up after dreaming about that holiday that you finally have enough money to book whether it involves an apartment on Airbnb or a hotel on Booking.com, whether you are planning to go Paris, Dubai, or Canada, but not being able because somebody outside of Iran decided that Iran shouldn’t be able to access services.

Well, that’s how people in Iran felt recently.

“The American dream” taking other’s dreams in a form of sanctions.

At PrivateVPN we believe in rights to use the internet and especially in the ability to go on holidays, especially since people have nothing to do with actions of a government but yet they are the ones punished for it.

But we also know that this is what happened and that you can’t undo the situation but that you can bypass it. The government in Iran is already censoring over 50% of the available content.

To Book a Holiday When in Iran, You Need to Trick Booking.Com and Airbnb into Thinking You Are Outside of Iran!

The easiest option if you want to book a holiday when in Iran is not to be in Iran of course. We also know that most people can’t do that though.

We also know that the internet is a powerful tool and that it is possible to trick Booking.com and Airbnb into thinking you are outside of Iran when you want to book a holiday when in Iran.

You merely have to leave Iran as far as the internet is concerned.

If Booking.com or Airbnb don’t see you as somebody in Iran, Crimea, Syra, or North Korea, they will work.

How do you virtually leave Iran to book a holiday when in Iran? You use a VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network that not only encrypts everything you do while changing your IP address, it also allows you to change your location. And PrivateVPN? It has servers in 56 countries that work with Airbnb and Booking.com, not to mention the several servers in most of these countries meaning that when you use PrivateVPN, you will be able to book a holiday when in Iran, as these platforms won’t see that you are there.

But You Need to Protect Yourself!

Iran themselves are increasing censorship meaning that you most likely would want to use a VPN to be outside of Iran when using the internet anyway as a lot of services are limited as it is, and that’s why we developed Stealth mode for our PrivateVPN.

While a VPN will keep you protected, governments like the ones in Iran will do more investigation than if you were in Europe and they might be able to figure out that you are using a VPN and then block it from working. Stealth mode is a protocol that makes a VPN server blend in with normal internet users making the use of a VPN undetectable. Think of it like Wi-Fi, we can’t see its waves, but it’s there. With Stealth mode, you are using a VPN but nobody sees that it’s a VPN.

Apart from that, PrivateVPN comes with 2048-bit encryption with AES-256 making it a VPN with the encryption level of the American military, ironically the same nation that enforced these sanctions.

And that matters. You want a VPN, but you don’t just want a VPN in a country where a government is censoring the internet and banning VPN services. In order to book a holiday when in Iran while being fully safe, you do need the best encryption available along with Stealth mode.

Make Sure You Have a Money Account Outside of Iran Though if you want to book a holiday when in Iran!

Sanctions from the US aren’t just placed on sites. You will also have problems with payments which is why it’s imperative that you have either PayPal, bank account, or card in a different country, as otherwise, you might not be able to pay for your hotel or apartment, as your payment choice will be rejected.

Book a Holiday When in Iran

Everybody should have a right to go on a holiday. It’s hard to do it for some, but this post shows that it’s doable.

Join us now and book a holiday when in Iran!

And make sure to check out our post on how to unblock Telegram in Iran as there’s also a way for that!

Written by Michael Smolski.