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How to Unblock NFL in the UK

Want to watch NFL in the UK this season? There are a couple of ways to go about unblocking the NFL in the UK, and in this guide, we’ll share the most practical ways to stream the NFL in the UK.

What are the Options for Unblocking NFL in the UK

As far as watching the NFL in the UK is concerned, the options are pretty limited. And that has a lot to do with the simple fact that in the UK, naturally, football that is played with feet is much more popular.

The best options?

The catch with all of these? They are not available in the UK.

Oh, and there are also options like Hulu Live TV, if you want to want to pay $50+ per month to watch NFL in the UK, and well, this method will also work with those.

Now, let’s get into how to unblock the NFL in the UK⬇️.

The Steps to Unblock NFL in the UK

Since none of these platforms are currently available in the UK, it’s not as simple as just going to the website and paying for a subscription.

...You will need to make these platforms think you are in the US or, in the case of DAZN, in Canada. 

And when you do that, you will then need to bypass the geo-payment block of these services.

We’ll show you how to do that now⬇️.

Making These Platforms Think You Are in A Supported Region

Right now, if you enter any of these websites, they will know you are in the UK.

The solution?

Make them think you are in the right region by changing your location virtually.

How do you do it?

By using a VPN.

VPN services allow you to switch your virtual location in a space of a few clicks. 

Do you want to be in the US virtually? Connect to a US server. It’s that simple.

...But while it’s that simple to switch your virtual location, it’s not as simple to trick these platforms into thinking you are in the right region.

Why? As these platforms also have VPN blocks that prevent VPN services from working.

Why do they have such? As they have to. It’s how they don’t get in trouble for making it easy to show you content they don’t have the right to show you, in your country.

And this is where PrivateVPN comes in as a service that doesn’t offer thousands of servers like some of the other services, but that instead focuses on quality and making sure services like CBS, DAZN, ESPN+, and Hulu Live TV work.

  1. Sign up for a 7-day PrivateVPN trial with no need for a card.
  2. Download the PrivateVPN app.
  3. Connect to either the DAZN, CBS, ESPN+, or Hulu server.

And that’s the first part of it.

But to fully unblock NFL in the UK, you also need to create an account.

How to Create an Account to Unblock NFL in the UK

All of the platforms for unblocking NFL in the UK have one thing in common.

Card payment geo-blocks.

If your card is issued in not a supported region of any of these platforms, you won’t be able to get an account.

The solution?

There are a few, but by far the simplest and best is to sign up via the app of each of these platforms, on your phone.


As both Apple and Google have their own payment platforms, that don’t have such blocks.

The catch?

To change the region of your app store, to be able to download these apps in the first place.

We’ll go over how to do it now⬇️.

How to Change Your App Store Region on Apple Devices

  1. Sign out of your iCloud account.
  2. Create a new account, with your location either in Canada or the US, depending on the platform you want to sign up for.
  3. Download the desired streaming service.
  4. Sign up for the desired streaming service.

Of course, after you do that, you can sign back into your old account, and you will still have the app, and everything else you previously had.

IMPORTANT: Don’t change the region of your current account. That would result in you losing everything.

How to Change Your App Store Region on Android Devices

  1. Connect to the VPN server corresponding with the service you want to unblock.
  2. Open up your Google Play Store.
  3. Click on the 3 bars on the top-left of the screen.
  4. Press on Account.
  5. You will see an option to change your region. Do it.
  6. Update your payment info.
  7. Go back to your Account and confirm the changing of your account.
  8. Restart the app.
  9. Download the desired streaming service.
  10. Sign up for your desired streaming service.

How to Unblock NFL in the UK on TV

You might be thinking about how you can watch the NFL on the big screen, and well, the options aren’t as simple as we would like them to be.

For a simple reason...

Most smart TV platforms whether it be a smart TV or a platform like Apple TV, Chromecast, or even Roku, don’t support VPN services.

The solutions?

Here are two simple ones.

  1. Connect your laptop to a TV via an HDMI cable.
  2. Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick as it supports VPN services.

If you choose the second option, you will need to select for your region to be in the US or will need to change your current region if you already have the Fire TV Stick. Just so that you can download the app.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your current Amazon account in the web browser.
  • Press on Accounts & Lists, and then on Manage Your Account and Content.
  • Change your region to be in a supported region.
  • Go to your Amazon Fire TV device. Press on Settings and My Account.
  • Deregister and sign back into your Amazon account.
  • Download the streaming platform you desire to use.

(Do all of this while connected to a VPN.)

That’s how to Unblock NFL in the UK

...But not just the NFL.

If you unblock DAZN, you also unblock the Premier League, Champions League, and much more.

ESPN+ will give you the likes of UFC and others.

And the principles of this guide, they can be used to unblock many other streaming services.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN supports the services mentioned in this guide, due to the nature of these services having to make efforts against VPN services, PrivateVPN is not able to guarantee non-stop 100% of the time support. No VPN service can do that.