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Is it Possible to Watch Power Season 6 on Netflix?

If you are wondering is it possible to watch Power season 6 on Netflix, we don't blame you. The trailer for season 6 of Power was incredible. And the show itself, a favorite of many for the previous seasons that were unlike many shows. The issue? Watching Power season 6 on Netflix. At least for many.

Is It Possible to Watch Power Season 6 on Netflix?

Yes and no.

See, it all goes down to where you are.

And in this instance, surprisingly, being in the US is not an advantage.

If you want to know is it possible to watch Power season 6 on Netflix, if you are outside of the US, in most cases, yes. Power isn’t available on Netflix everywhere, yet at the same time, it’s available in places such as the UK and Ireland, and most of Europe. But it is not available in the US.

Luckily, we specialize in providing to solutions to problems such as watching Power season 6 on Netflix on our blog, and we do have a solution that will help you, whether you are in the US or in a different unsupported country. After all, Europeans deal with blocks and restricted content issues due to their location with almost all services, every day. This is just one of the very rare times where you will also need to read a guide about how to watch something while being in the US.

Why Is It Not Possible to Watch Power Season 6 on Netflix Right Away?

If Netflix has the rights to show Power, you might be wondering as to why is it not possible to watch Power season 6 on Netflix right away, everywhere.

And that goes down to location rights. 

See, when the likes of Netflix or Hulu pay for rights to content, it’s very rare that the content is then available for streaming worldwide. 

Why is that? As showing a certain show or movie worldwide often costs a lot, and in certain markets, it might not make finical sense for Netflix. The more common reason, though? The fact that somebody else has rights to a certain show or movie, which can often restrict Netflix. For instance, if Hulu has exclusive rights to show a certain show in a certain country, Netflix won’t be able to show that same show in that country. 

In this instance, Power is owned by Starz, and Starz has its own subscription service available in the US. If it was possible to watch Power season 6 on Netflix in the US, why would most people subscribe to Starz?

That’s one of the big reasons as to why Netflix is focusing on its own content. So it doesn’t have to deal with any restrictions when it comes to content, allowing it to grow much faster, on all markets. And productions such as Stranger Things are an excellent example that Netflix is able to do an outstanding job when it comes to making content.

How to Make It Possible to Watch Power Season 6 on Netflix

Frankly, it’s possible to watch Power season 6 on Netflix, whether in the US or in other unsupported countries, without much struggle.

You just need to make Netflix think that you are in the UK or Ireland.

And you do that by using a VPN. Never heard VPN services? They allow you to stay protected on the internet, while also being in whatever location you desire, provided the VPN service you are using, supports it.

When it comes to Power, it gets slightly complicated, though, as the thing about streaming services is that they need to make efforts to prevent VPN services from working. As a result, most VPN services either don’t support Netflix or only work with American Netflix, which is not what you need if you want to watch Power season 6 on Netflix.

And that’s where PrivateVPN comes in as a service with significantly fewer servers than you will see with other VPN providers. However, PrivateVPN focuses on quality and making sure that the servers work with the entertainment platforms that you want to access, rather than just being empty servers of no value to you at all. That’s why PrivateVPN offers the most Netflix regions on the market, even with a significantly smaller number of servers available.

Oh, and you can try it out for free, without any restrictions whatsoever, with a few clicks.

It’s Possible to Watch Power Season 6 on Netflix

It’s possible to watch Power Season 6 on Netflix. Just like it’s possible to watch DAZN in the UK or the US, and just like it’s possible to watch Hulu in Australia, Canada, and the UK. That’s the kind of stuff that we cover on our blog.

Ready to start watching content that others in your countries can’t?

Written by Michael Smolski.