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The Best VPN for the iPhone XS

Got the new iPhone XS? A new phone, a new start, right? While you might not care about your phone as much in two weeks as now, the best VPN for the iPhone XS will always come in handy.

So what does the best VPN for the iPhone XS need?

The Best VPN for the iPhone XS Needs to Provide Servers That Work with Everything You Might Want to Watch Regardless of Where You Are

If you buy a phone for over $1000 and much more in Europe, you expect it to be top notch, and while the OLED screen might be the best yet on an iPhone, that only matters if you have access to the right entertainment.

The best VPN for the iPhone XS needs to be able to provide you with access to all platforms that you watch. It’s not just enough for a VPN to have servers in the US. The servers need to work with platforms, and PrivateVPN provides servers that don’t just work with American Netflix but also with Swedish and Spanish servers with tens of others, with PrivateVPN supporting the most Netflix regions, unleashing the entire Netflix library on your phone. And that’s important as the American Netflix has the most of shows and movies, but it doesn’t have all of them.

The best VPN for the iPhone XS, of course, isn’t just about supporting Netflix. DAZN is a live sports subscription platform that is only supported by a very small amount of VPN services. PrivateVPN supports it.

And let’s not forget Hulu and American Amazon Prime. And yes, for BBC lovers, PrivateVPN also supports BBC iPlayer.

If looking for the best VPN for the iPhone XS, entertainment matters. That’s what a big phone is for. You need access to everything possible.

The Best VPN for the iPhone XS Must Also Keep You Safe

You are worried about your information? The good news is that most governments don’t care about you enough to look through your personal information, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? And in this instance, it’s not the government but often somebody that doesn’t like you that’s the problem.

To protect yourself, well, you are already taking good measures by using a VPN that will change your IP, but that’s not enough. Encryption is a big thing, but the type of encryption really matters, and PrivateVPN comes with 2048-bit encryption with AES-256 which is the highest level of encryption available on the market. It the likes of the military utilize it, that will protect you.

Encryption essentially makes data that’s being transmitted unreadable. And that will protect you, especially if you connect to free Wi-Fi networks because they are “free.” It’s very easy for anyone to steal information from you if you are connected to an open network and don’t use a VPN.

But most importantly as far as security and safety are concerned, the best VPN for the iPhone XS must also protect you from leaks of all kinds because if something gets leaked, then all the precautions taken are for nothing.

That’s why you will see the likes of IPv6 Leak Protection with us. That’s also why your internet will stop working if a VPN disconnects which also helps if you are on a banned site that you shouldn’t be accessing. And let’s not forget, Stealth Mode is also available so that you can use PrivateVPN in countries where it’s banned such as China.

The Best VPN for the iPhone XS needs to be trusted

Can you trust PrivateVPN? Reach out to our award-winning customer support, and you’ll see!

It’s hard to trust a company to keep you secure on the internet, especially with the history of VPN services leaking information to the likes of internet providers. That’s why the location of the VPN service matters. The only way to make sure that you can trust it is if legally there’s no possibility of that VPN service to store any logs. PrivateVPN? It’s based in Sweden with some of the best privacy laws.

The Best VPN for the iPhone XS Must Not Forget About Speed

The truth is that unless your internet provider is slowing down certain sites for you, a VPN won’t speed what you do up, but the best VPN for the iPhone XS won’t slow you down. Something that VPN companies fail at by providing you with internet capacity from hosting companies rather than IP transit providers directly.

PrivateVPN won’t make things faster, but it will keep things at the speed of your internet.

The Best VPN for the iPhone XS

Is this what you are looking for in the best VPN for the iPhone XS?

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Written by Michael Smolski.