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How to Read American News Sites in Europe in 2018/2019

Do you want to read American news sites in Europe? Some work but most don’t. And not because the US government sanctioned American news sites in Europe like it sanctioned the likes of booking sites in Iran, but because most news sites do not care about your privacy, but more on that in a second. Along with how to read American news sites in Europe.

Why Can’t You Access American News Sites in Europe in the First Place?

GPDR. That’s the reason.

GPDR is a regulation proposed by the EU to make sure that you get privacy when accessing sites. With GPDR, you must be made aware of every piece of data collected on you. Oh, and you are also in control of what data is collected. Most American news sites did not adapt to the new rules enforced on the 25th of May, and well, due to that, you can’t access them, as otherwise they would be breaking the EU law, and would face big fines.

This new EU regulation is the reason why you can’t access American news sites in Europe, but the news sites itself are responsible. They do not care about your privacy and most likely are collecting some data from you that they use for their own business.

If you try to access American news sites in Europe and go on one that does not comply with the law, you will be greeted with a message that relates to them not having enough time. The problem?

The fact this regulation was set by the EU in 2016 with 2 years of time for companies to adjust.

That means that news sites you are trying to access are most likely collecting something about you that they don’t want you to be aware of, and instead block your access than tell you and give you control.

What Can You Do to Access American News Sites in Europe?

A flight to the US is one way to do it although with the pace of news, that most likely isn’t a great choice for news. If you are looking for a place to visit though, the likes of New Orleans or New York offer incredible experiences.

To access American news sites in Europe, you need to be in the US, virtually.

Or outside of the EU where the regulation is not in place of course.

How can you be in the US without being there? Via a VPN.

If you heard of it, you most likely wouldn’t be searching for this post, but to put simply, a VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to change your location to be just about anywhere in the world, provided that VPN provider has servers in the country that you want to access.

PrivateVPN provides servers in 56 different regions with the US of course included. If you connect to any of our American our outside of the EU servers, the news site that you want to access, will be accessible.

The only catch? Your potential lack of privacy of course.

Will You Always Need a VPN to Access American News Sites in Europe?

Most likely not. But based on how many months ago this regulation was introduced, it’s probably safe to assume that it will take many months or even years before these sites change something.

And they probably aren’t in a hurry, after all, most make money from ads paid for by American companies.

But while you won’t always need a VPN to access American news sites in Europe, if you want to stay protected on the internet, a VPN is how you do it. New sites may use some of the data they collect on you, but the real threat is the people that can see what you are searching for when you are in a Starbucks and connected to an open network. All of that data, it can be used to expose you.

PrivateVPN uses 2048-bit encryption with AES-256 which is the highest level of encryption on the market. To explain the numbers to you, if you use it, all of that data that can be intercepted by somebody with a simple piece of software becomes jibberish. It can’t be read. And that’s how you protect yourself on the internet.

If you want to access American news sites in Europe, this is how you do it. Join us now, and go read those news sites!

Written by Michael Smolski.