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Heartbleed - Update 2

New certificate will be generated on Monday, 28 April. This will cause some downtime and disconnection of clients for a short time.
All customers with OpenVPN will need to update with a new certificate/configuration files. Those who has PrivateVPN client will need to update manually. See blow!

More information about where to find the new certificate will be published here on Monday.

*Update* 21:09
This task has been rescheduled to tomorrow.

*Update* 19:21
Updating servers now with new certificate. OpenVPN will be unreachable during the update. This doesn't affect PPTP or L2TP.

*Update* 20:09
All servers has been updated with new certificate. We're building new version for the PrivateVPN client for Windows.
New certificate can be found here: https://privatevpn.com/client/ca.zip
New files for OpenVPN Gui TAP: https://privatevpn.com/client/OpenVPN-Gui-TAP.zip
New files for OpenVPN Gui TUN: https://privatevpn.com/client/OpenVPN-Gui-TUN.zip
New files for Mac Viscosity TAP: https://privatevpn.com/client/PrivateVPN-TAP.zip
New files for Mac Viscosity TUN: https://privatevpn.com/client/PrivateVPN-TUN.zip

*Update* 20:48
Still working on the new version of PrivateVPN client. Eta 45 minutes

*Update* 22:17
The automatic update fails. There are a possibility to install the new version manually:
Download and run this file: https://privatevpn.com/client/install.exe