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Our Internet provider for our back end system had some smaller outage. This caused issues on connecting to our VPN service.

*Update* 15:16
Seems like our provider stills has issues. This has been reported.

*Update* 15:38
Seems stable now. Our servers aren't dropping any packets anymore. We're still waiting for an explanation from our Internet Provider.

*Update* 16:48
Problem are back again. Our servers losing packets again. We're still waiting for an answer from our provider.

*Update* 16:53
We've got an answer from our provider now: "The issue was caused by a very large dDOS that affected 2 of our high
volume routers." There are still no fix yet.

*Solved* 18:58

*Update* 19:33
DDos attack started again.

*Update* 19:53
DDos attack stopped.

*Update* 03:15
Update from our Provider: "The DDoS attack towards our Premium network briefly returned. Appropriate measures have been taken, allowing traffic to return to normal levels."