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How to Access Blocked Sites at Airports in China and Why You Can't in the First Place

If you read any airport reviews in China, you will know that delays are very common due to the Chinese military controlling the Chinese airspace. An even bigger complaint? Sites being blocked in China. Delays, plus not being able to access most of the internet is not a situation you want to be in for sure. Especially if you fly a lot through China. So is there a way to access blocked sites at airports in China? And why are they blocked in the first place?

The Chinese Internet Is Censored by the Chinese Government

Did you ever hear of the Great Firewall of China? Maybe not but you surely heard of the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China was built for the protection of the Chinese empire against the Mongols. Did it serve its purpose? Not really. Mongols ended up conquering China anyway. Most of us also have some Mongol DNA.

The Great Wall of China was meant to protect China from invaders, just as the “Great Firewall of China” is meant to protect Chinese people from the evil online platforms such as anything that is American and even European.

Forget about any tool you use whether for entertainment or business, whether in China or at airports in China.

The Great Wall of China did not prevent Mongols from conquering. The firewall? It does a much better job, but there is still a way to bypass it, and if you do, you will be able to access blocked sites at airports in China.

How to Bypass the Great Firewall to Access Blocked Sites at Airports in China

Do you want to bypass the Great Firewall? It’s not that easy. If a country hires 2 million people as “online police,” you know it won’t be easy.

There is a way to bypass it though!

It’s called a virtual private network. It allows or rather allowed you to fool China to think that you are outside of China.

See, if you connect to a virtual private network also known as a VPN, you can be anywhere in the world in theory. If you use the right service, you can even watch the likes of American Netflix outside of the US.

If you are connected to a VPN and are connected to a server outside of China, in theory, that should allow you to bypass the great firewall to access blocked sites at airports in China and outside of them.

Unfortunately, around 2011, China started to take care of VPN services. By that, we mean that in 2018, it’s very hard to get a VPN to work in China.

It’s hard to find a VPN site in China, it’s even harder to install a VPN, and if you can manage all of that, getting a VPN that actually works in China, that’s hard.

It requires Stealth VPN.

Stealth VPN is a system that allows you to fool China. How does it work? It’s not that simple to explain. You are here to access blocked sites at airports in China, not to figure out all the science behind it, but to put simply, whatever China is able to figure about a standard VPN leading to preventing a VPN from working, it can’t when you are connected to a Stealth VPN.

PrivateVPN has a Stealth VPN mode, and that will allow you to access blocked sites at airports in China. It’s currently out on computers and the iPhone with the Android version launching very shortly. Perhaps it’s even already out when you are reading this.

The Risks That Comes with Trying to Access Blocked Sites at Airports in China

Since we mentioned online police, we thought it would be good to mention the risks.

Provided you aren’t an owner a VPN company and are not Chinese then you most likely won’t go to jail.

If any type of officers walk around you and see you using a VPN, your device might be confiscated. You might also possibly be banned from entering the country in the future.

Why Hasn’t the World Done Something About It?

When the community comes together, changes can happen, right?

Well, not when a country controls us. And China does.

Most products are made in China. Imagine that just stopped. It would have catastrophic consequences on the economy all over the planet. Out of nowhere, your laptops, phones, TV’s, and Fire TV Stick’s made in China would not get to you, as China makes all of them. This would require building millions of factories, and of course, it would inflate the prices of every single product due to the higher wages workers would get.

If you are wondering why you can’t access blocked sites at airports in China in the first place. That’s why.

Look at Apple. China ordered for all VPN services to be taken down from the Chinese App Store, and they did. They had no choice.

Written by Michael Smolski.