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How To Bypass Censorship In Russia to Unblock News & Social Media

Looking to find out if there’s a way to bypass censorship in Russia to unblock news & social media in Russia, to access media outlets that were just recently blocked in Russia or to unblock the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube? In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to do it.

What’s Needed to Bypass Rusian Censorship & To Unblock News & Social Media in Russia

There are two main types of internet blocks or censorship. One is where a platform isn’t able to show something, or chooses not to show you something, and based on your location, blocks your ability to access content, and then there’s the more serious government type of censorship, happening in places like Russia and China, where the country imposes blocks on certain things.

The key to bypassing either forms of censorship in Russia? By using a VPN.

VPN services, they are used around the world for many reasons, one of them being online safety, but the other being to bypass restricted content, regardless of where you are in the world.

By connecting to a server in the US you can be in the US in a matter of seconds, via an IP address change.  By connecting to a server in Canada, you can be in Canada in a matter of seconds. The same applies to the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, pretty much anywhere a service has servers.

When it comes to government blocks, it’s not quite as easy though.

That’s because while platforms like Netflix can block their service when someone is in an unsupported region, that’s often relatively easy to bypass. When it comes to countries like Russia blocking things via censorship, those blocks, often do a very good job against VPN services, because standalone VPN traffic isn’t that difficult to recognize, and thus is relatively easy to block.

And that’s why the Stealth VPN feature is important in countries with censorship like Russia. That’s because it allows for VPN traffic to blend in with normal traffic, making it undetectable, and thus allowing you to bypass Russian Censorship to unblock news and social media. At the cost of slightly slowing down your internet connection.

At PrivateVPN, we believe it’s important to fight censorship. By allowing people to get access to all kinds of media, people can access all sources of the media, rather than only what they are being offered.  And that’s why we are currently offering our PrivateVPN service for free for 30 days: BypassCensorship

  • Sign up for a PrivateVPN account.
  • Download the PrivateVPN app.
  • Connect to a server of your choice and enable Stealth VPN.
  • Enjoy uncensored content.

With PrivateVPN you will be able to unblock blocked news sites to access blocked news, social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but also will be able to unblock the services, streaming services & websites that were banned in Russia by the streaming service or platform itself, preventing people in Russia from accessing content they would normally access.

PrivateVPN currently works on all major platforms, ranging from your mobile devices to your computer or laptop, whether Windows or macOS. One account will also allow you to connect on up to 10 devices at one time, allowing you to connect your entire home, to many different, or the same locations, depending on your needs.

Why We Wrote This Guide on How to Bypass Russian Censorship

There’s a lot of people in Russia not supporting the war. Right now they don’t have access to any form of news other than what is shown to them. With the use of a VPN and the stealth VPN feature, they can fight censorship, to stop reading misinformation that is given to them. That’s why it’s so important for us to give this kind of information. 

Written by Michael Smolski.