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How to Stream Hulu in Sweden in 2022 (All Needed Steps)

Looking to stream Hulu in Sweden in 2022? Hulu is one biggest streaming platforms in the world with some of the best content out there, yet, at the same time, it’s limited to the US, and technically Japan.

The good news is that by reading the 2 major steps shared in this guide, you will be able to unblock Hulu in Sweden, with ease whether that’s on your phone, laptop, or TV.

The 2 Needed Steps to Stream Hulu in Sweden in 2022 

Hulu is not available outside of the US, therefore it has a geo-block to prevent people from the non-supported regions from watching. It also then has a payment block to further prevent people from the wrong regions from signing up.

The steps to stream Hulu successful in Sweden?

1. Hulu needs to think you are in the US.

2. You need to bypass Hulu’s payment block to create a Hulu account.

That’s it.

Now let’s do it.

Step 1 for Hulu in Sweden: Making Hulu Think You Are in the US

Right now, if you try to go to Hulu, unlike in the past, you will be able to access the website and even possibly be able to try to create an account which wasn’t always the case, but as far as watching anything, it’s not going to happen.

That’s because Hulu checks for your location.

You need to be in the US, in US territory, or in a US base.

That’s why you need to make Hulu think you are in the US when in Sweden.

The key to that is by using VPN services.

VPN = Virtual Private Network

They are used for many reasons, by many types of people, companies, and even governments, with the primary ones being to protect yourself online via encryption and an IP change, (PrivateVPN, for example, offers 2048-bit Encryption With AES-256, the highest level of encryption on the market) but also for changing your location to access streaming services or websites that would otherwise not be accessible.

In the case of this guide, you can look like you are in the US to watch Hulu in Sweden, but then overall on the bigger scale of things, you can look like you are in Sweden when visiting the US, to access all your Swedish Viaplay and SVT content.

Although, it’s not always quite as simple as that.

The VPN service you use is the key when it comes to unblocking streaming services. And while searching for one you might assume that the more servers offered is better, but the quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to VPN services.

That’s because streaming services need to take measures against VPN services not to break their own agreements of rights to the content. As a result, most VPN servers do not work with streaming services, or only work with a few of them, such as Netflix.

But that’s where PrivateVPN comes in as a server recently called a “superb VPN for streaming” by CyberNews in their best VPN services for 2022 guide. Whether you are looking to unblock services that don’t work in Sweden such as Hulu, or whether you are looking to unblock Swedish services that do not work outside of Sweden, at PrivateVPN, we have been able to keep unblocking both.

Did we mention that we are a Swedish company (but you are reading out English blog)?

Singing up for PrivateVPN is as simple as:

  1. Go to to create an account.
  2. Download the PrivateVPN app.
  3. Sign in and connect to a US server.

As far as making Hulu think you are in the US, that is it.

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...But you still need a Hulu account to watch Hulu, and if you have one great, but if you don’t, that’s where the next step comes in.

Creating a Hulu Account in Sweden in 2022

You need to apply the first step to look like you are in the US, but that by itself is not enough.

Hulu has card payment location checks and if the card details don’t match a US address, the card won’t work. On the other hand, if the address doesn’t match your card, depending on your bank, it might also not work.

And that makes it hard to create a Hulu account in Sweden.

The solution?

To create a Hulu account directly from a phone, through the Hulu app.

Why? As on mobile devices, it’s both Google and Apple that take care of payments. And they don’t impose such blocks.

The catch? You need to change the location of your app store, to first download Hulu in the first place.

Switching App Store Location on Apple Devices To Stream Hulu

  1. Firstly log out of your iCloud account.
  2. Then create an account with your VPN location set to be in the US.
  3. Download the Hulu app.
  4. Create and sign up for Hulu from the app.

Lastly, if you would like, sign back into your previous iCloud account and Hulu will still be there.

Getting Hulu on Android Devices in Sweden

  1. Connect to an US VPN server with PrivateVPN.
  2. Open the Google Play Store.
  3. Press on your profile and go to Settings.
  4. Go to Account and then Device Preferences.
  5. You will see an option to switch your region. Do it. It might be the case that you might need to update card details and to confirm your selection by re-applying the steps.
  6. Download the Hulu app and create an account and sign up for the subscription directly from the app.

That’s How to Stream Hulu in Sweden in 2022

It’s not just Hulu that you can stream in Sweden though.

PrivateVPN and our guides show how to unblock many other services whether they are from the US, the UK, Ireland, or even India, just to name a few.

But you’ll find that out for yourself when you try PrivateVPN out.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN supports Hulu and has for many years, due to the nature of VPN services making efforts against VPN services at all times, PrivateVPN cannot guarantee non-stop 100% of the time support at all given times. No service can.