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How to Watch American Amazon Prime in the UK (As of Late 2018)

You want to watch American Amazon Prime in the UK as of late 2018 or even if you are reading in 2019? The good news? Amazon made it a lot easier for people to use Amazon Prime due to making Amazon Prime global not that long ago. But while it’s a lot easier to watch Amazon Prime, the American Amazon Prime has a lot more content than the likes of the UK one for instance.

And that’s why you want to know how to watch American Amazon Prime in the UK, right?

Why You Even Need to Search for How to Watch American Amazon Prime in the UK

Movies and shows are played by TV channels or service because they have the rights to do so. Those rights need to be bought. Think about it this way, would you be happy if you owned a TV channel and paid money for a movie to be only on your channel but that somebody can access if they use the American Amazon Prime? I sure wouldn’t.

Due to this, the likes of Amazon Prime need to make certain content unavailable in certain countries.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t watch American Amazon Prime in the UK. How do you do it?

Watch American Amazon Prime in the UK as of Late 2018 and Later

Amazon Prime being available worldwide makes your job easier. How? As you don’t have to deal with trying to figure out how to download the Amazon Prime in your location. This is a massive problem with DAZN for instance.

To watch American Amazon Prime in the UK as of late 2018, you need to use a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to be in a different country without being there. In this instance, you are switching your location to be in the US.

Can You Use Any Service to Watch American Amazon Prime in the UK?


See, Amazon Prime blocks VPN servers a lot. Much more than Netflix. It makes it hard for you to watch American Amazon Prime in the UK as Amazon has a system that finds Amazon Prime servers and prevents them from working.

PrivateVPN has a working American Amazon Prime server. A few of our American servers work with Amazon Prime. You can try them all, but it’s probably best to message our customer service about that.

Does PrivateVPN Work on All Platforms?

PrivateVPN works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Yes, we work with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and if you want the ultimate Amazon Prime experience, we recommend you watch it on it, or on the newly released Fire TV Cube.

One of the platforms we don’t work on is the Chromecast. That’s because no VPN works with the Chromecast due to how the Chromecast operates.

Watch American Amazon Prime in the UK

American Amazon Prime is catching up with Netflix in terms of content and offers the shows that Netflix doesn’t. Amazon Prime also comes with several benefits. Next day shipping, storage, and music. It’s a more complete package than Netflix, but at the same time, as far as entertainment goes, Netflix rocks the TV show and movie section. Ultimately though? Get both.

Written by Michael Smolski.