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How to Watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick (It Doesn't Matter Where You Live)

You have the Fire TV Stick, but when you try to watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick, it doesn’t show up in the Amazon Appstore? Our friends, your Fire TV Stick is not broken, and there is a way to fix this issue in order to watch ABC on the Fire TV stick.

But to fix this issue, you have to know why it’s an issue in the first place.

The reason why you can’t watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick is pretty damn simple.

You Can’t Watch ABC on the Fire Tv Stick Because Content Is Not Equal

The reason you can’t watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick? It goes down to your location. A lot of things aren’t equal on this planet, and content is just one extra thing in that bracket.

Did you ever see a channel be available worldwide? It doesn't make sense. Not only does most of the world not speak English fluently enough to watch content in English at a level that they can enjoy it, but it also doesn’t make financial sense.

Making ABC a worldwide thing is pointless. Companies that advertise with ABC can’t make money everywhere. Some of the content shown on ABC can’t also be shown everywhere meaning there are restrictions for that content too.

It’s also most often more profitable to sell licenses for certain shows to other platforms or often even certain regions on Netflix rather than having ABC available worldwide.

And due to that, they are only available in the United States and you not being in the United States (or not setting up your Fire TV Stick when there) is the reason that when you search for ABC, you get no results.

It’s not that ABC is evil, it just doesn’t make sense for everybody to be available worldwide.

So what’s the solution?

Fooling Amazon to Watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick Is the First Step

Yes, you need to fool the giant that Amazon is into thinking that you are in the United States. And surprisingly is pretty simple, mostly because Amazon most likely only act like they care but based on how open their platform is, they are likely very okay with it.

After all, they do control what apps are in the Amazon Appstore.

To watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick, you need to change the location of your Amazon Appstore to be in the United States. You do it by going to your Manage Your Content and Devices in your Amazon account. After you are there, you need to click on Settings followed by Country Settings. Once you get there, press Change.

And yes, you got it right, once you are there, you need to change your location to an American location. And don’t just put random names. Instead, search for an American address generator on Google that also has a ZIP code included.

Once you do all of this and turn on your Fire TV Stick,  you will have to provide your details again.

That’s the first step.

The second step to watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick?

Fooling ABC That You Are in the United States in Order to Watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick

The first step is relatively easy and doesn’t require much work. The second requires slightly more work.

To watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick, you need to make ABC think you are in the United States.

And you sure aren’t going to go the United States for that. But the internet is easy to fool though.

It’s possible to change your location without ever changing it with a simple tool called a VPN which is a virtual private network.

Amazon openly supports the use of VPN services meaning that you can change your location on the Fire TV Stick without much hassle.

The question is does the VPN service you are about to use to watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick work with the Fire TV Stick.

Most likely not.

Firstly, forget free VPN services are they are too slow for watching content. Secondly, most VPN services focus on the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu but not on the smaller players such as ABC.

PrivateVPN focuses on all!

Search for our app in the Amazon Appstore followed by making an account on this site. It’s just a 30-second registration.

Of course, log into your account but don’t just connect to our American server. ABC won’t work then. You need to connect to either our New York 1 server or our Buffalo server!

That’s how you watch ABC on the Fire TV Stick regardless of where you are! Oh, and by the way, ABC and PrivateVPN works on other devices too!

Written by Michael Smolski.