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Best VPN for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

There are all kinds of VPN services out there. All carry out a certain function, but not all are the best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows.

A VPN has two main features. Privacy and being able to connect to a different part of the world.

Except, the actual functions within those two main functions of privacy and being able to connect to a different part of the world differ enormously between VPN networks, meaning that some services are not the right choice for you if you are looking for the best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows.

What does a best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows need?


If you are looking for the best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows, servers matter.


As a lot of the readers here don’t come from the United States. They don’t have the luxury of watching the new season of their favorite show due to the fact that that they are not in the right country, even though those users might be paying the exact same price for the use of the service whether that’s Netflix or something else.

Using a VPN and connecting to a server in a country that has more access on a platform you want to use might allow you to watch many times more TV shows, whether that’s being in Sweden and watching American Netflix or being anywhere outside of the United States and trying to use Hulu.

PrivateVPN doesn’t offer servers in every location on this planet as of yet, but as far the best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows is concerned, it offers all the servers you need and that work with the services you will use.

Not everybody wants to watch just American Netflix.

Swedish Netflix has less but offers some titles that the American doesn’t. The best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows should offer a variety of servers. PrivateVPN offers over 56 server locations. The ones that you need are there.

Oh, and yes, PrivateVPN has servers that work. With “work” being the keyword here.

It’s not enough to have a server in the United States. The likes of Netflix do a great job bringing VPN servers down in order to keep the owners of the content happy by figuring out that one is using a VPN and thus disconnecting you from Netflix.

PrivateVPN constantly makes sure that the VPN servers that work with streaming services actually work with streaming services.


We finally made it into the world where 4K is pretty much the standard now. More and more people are buying 4K devices every day. Except it doesn’t matter for some.

If your internet is slow, either way with a VPN or not, what you are trying to stream will buffer a lot. But if your internet is relatively okay and is able to handle streaming whether that’s 4K or full HD, then using the right VPN is vital to keep that speed.

There’s pretty much two options when it comes to internet capacity which is mostly responsible for the speed of a VPN. You either buy from an IP transit provider or from a hosting company. Hosting companies? They limit services as far as speed is concerned but also are the choice for a lot of companies.

PrivateVPN mostly uses IP transit providers for their internet capacity meaning that you get speeds that you would typically get.

If you want the best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows, speed matters. The right VPN won’t make your internet faster but will make it as fast as otherwise.

Most Importantly, the Best VPN for Streaming Movies and TV Shows Cannot Be Free...

“It can’t be free? Why not? There’s plenty of VPN services that are free?”

Oh, and they offer great speeds and privacy that does not store logs. Right? That’s what they said?

The main reason why free services are not great as far as VPN services are concerned is that you are sacrificing something for that freedom, and most often it’s the location choices and your data. Free services have been caught more than a few times on this. Logs have been released resulting in the services that are meant to keep you secure putting people into prison.

Of course, they were up to something they shouldn’t have been doing, but the point is that you cannot always trust free services.

Servers? Most don’t provide enough unless you pay for the premium version. That’s not the main issue though. The main issue is that since so many people are using these free VPN services since they are free, the like of Netflix crack them down. And if they don’t, then the servers are also damn slow. Do not ever expect internet capacity to be ever from IP transit providers directly. Not going to happen. And since the service is free and a lot of people are using it, servers will often be overloaded.

Slow streaming is not what you are looking for when searching for the best VPN for streaming movies and TV shows. Is it?

How to Get the Best VPN for Streaming Movies and TV Shows?

Glad you asked.

Pretty simple really.

You are already on our site. It’s only another 30 seconds of work to be using our service.

Click on the Buy button on the top right of the screen and go through the simple 30-second registration.

We do cost, but we do also ensure you have the fastest speed possible at the best value, hence we were chosen as the best value service by BestVPN

Once you register, all you need to do is download our client by searching for it in your app store on by going to our Download page. Done that? Just connect to our server!

Written by Michael Smolski.