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How to Use ITV Hub Outside of the UK

BBC isn’t the only big player in the UK. The ITV Hub allows offers a large variety of shows and live events too. For instance, the upcoming World Cup will be shown both by ITV and ITV Hub. It really makes sense to use ITV Hub outside of the UK because of what ITV offers. Things that you might not see on the national TV in your country are offered by ITV. But broadcasting rights always play a role and thus ITV Hub does not work outside of the UK. But whether you live in the UK and are traveling or whether you never lived there but are merely looking for a high-quality stream, ITV Hub is something that should be of interest to you if you are looking to watch important sporting events and popular shows. And there is a way to use ITV Hub outside of the UK.

The Registration

If you want to use ITV Hub outside of the UK, the first step to ITV hub outside of the UK is to register for an account on ITV’s website. It’s necessary to register. But doing so is most certainly not as simple as the 3-step registration that we offer at PrivateVPN. Luckily it isn’t too awfully long either.

But here’s the crucial part when you are registering. You need to provide a UK postcode when going through the registration otherwise you will not be able to go through. You can’t just provide some random numbers and expect that to be enough. To avoid this problem, simply search for a UK postcode generator on Google and type in the code that generates for you when registering.

After you register, you might think that because you have an account with a UK post code that you can just watch anything that the ITV hub offers. Wrong.

The ITV hub outside of the UK is useless. It doesn’t work.

But there is a trick. See, ITV Hub only works in the UK. Therefore if you want to use it, you need to be in the UK. Here’s the great thing though, you don’t need to go the UK to be in the UK. Not when it comes to the internet anyway. You merely need to be in the UK virtually and if you are lucky to live in countries that have not banned or aren’t trying to limit VPN service, then you can easily use ITV Hub outside of the UK regardless of where you are provided of course that you are not in one of the countries trying to ban or limit VPN services. China is one of those countries for instance.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to be virtually anywhere in the world provided that the company that you are using provides servers in that country. They also need to be working correctly. For instance just because you connect to a server in the UK doesn’t mean you will be able to use the ITV Hub. PrivateVPN offers you 3 server locations that work with ITV Hub. London 3 & 1 along with our Manchester server will allow you to use ITV Hub outside of the UK.

That’s one of the benefits of a VPN. Make sure to check out our post on why you should be using a VPN to find out about the rest. And yes, this trick also works with BBC iPlayer.

How to Start Using PrivateVPN to Use ITV Hub Outside of the Uk?

You click on the Buy button on the top-right of the page and go through our 3-step registration. You download our app. You provide your details. You connect to one of our servers that work with the ITV Hub. It’s pretty simple.

Written by Michael Smolski.