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Update about our VPN servers in Russia

Recently, we have had to turn off our services in Russia due to the current sanctions imposed on the country. This development is a blow to internet freedom in Russia, as many users depend on VPN services to access blocked websites and communicate privately online.

VPN services have become increasingly popular in Russia over the years, as the government has tightened its grip on the internet. In 2017, a law was passed that required VPN providers to register with the government and comply with censorship requests. This law effectively made it illegal for users to access websites that the government deems inappropriate or dangerous.

Many VPN providers, however, have chosen to ignore these regulations and continue to offer their services in the country. This has led to a game of cat and mouse between the government and VPN providers, with the government trying to block VPN services and VPN providers using various tactics to bypass these restrictions.

However, the recent sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and EU have forced some VPN providers to reconsider their operations in the country. These sanctions have targeted specific individuals and entities involved in the Russian government's cyber activities, but they have also had a broader impact on businesses operating in the country.

Our server provider in Russia recently announced that it would be turning off its services due to the sanctions.

This decision is a worrying development for internet freedom in Russia, as it means that users will have fewer options for accessing blocked content and communicating privately online. It also highlights the challenges that VPN providers face in operating in countries with restrictive internet policies and volatile geopolitical environments.

As internet censorship and surveillance continue to be a growing concern around the world, it is important for individuals and organizations to stand up for online privacy and freedom of expression. VPN providers play an important role in this fight, and it is crucial that they are able to operate without fear of government interference or sanctions.