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UK VPN Service

Whether you reside in the UK, are traveling there for work, or are on a UK vacation, PrivateVPN has you covered with the best UK VPN service. 

Does PrivateVPN Support a UK VPN?

Absolutely. The UK is one of 63 countries we support. With servers in Manchester and London, you’ll be covered by PrivateVPN’s best VPN service in the UK, whether you’re a permanent resident or a visitor.

Connect To A UK VPN Server

Absolutely. The UK is one of 63 countries we support. With servers in Manchester and London, you’ll be covered by PrivateVPN’s best VPN service in the UK, whether you’re a permanent resident or a visitor.

City Hostname
London uk-lon.pvdata.host
Manchester uk-man.pvdata.host

Why Do You Need a VPN For the UK?

Although the UK does not place many restrictions on web browsing, many residents have valid concerns about the UK government logging their internet activity. You will never have to worry about your web activity being recorded when you use PrivateVPN; we keep no records of your browsing or data, so you remain completely anonymous online.

There are several reasons why it is wise to protect your personal information through a VPN server while in the UK. Subscribing to a VPN service such as PrivateVPN ensures that your privacy is protected while in the UK, whether you’re engaging in online banking, sharing peer to peer network files, browsing social media, or accessing work files from your personal computer. 

Unblock Websites

If you live in the UK, you may have encountered roadblocks when trying to access content from other countries. If you are using a regional ISP without any additional software to get online, you may have received a message saying that the content is not available in your area. The use of technology to block content from certain geographical regions is known as geoblocking, and it’s one of the many problems that can be solved with a VPN. When you subscribe to a high-quality VPN, you can connect to servers all over the world, viewing streaming content that would otherwise be geoblocked.

Alternatively, if you are traveling and wish to view or watch your favorite shows from home, you can log on to the London or Manchester server to unblock websites and streaming services from anywhere in the world. PrivateVPN offers several services to allow you to stream blocked UK content. With our UK VPN, you can unblock BBC iPlayer and British Netflix content to stream their content whether you’re in the UK or not. 

In addition, internet service providers in the UK have been known to block certain websites or slow bandwidth without warning. Subscribing to PrivateVPN will ensure that you can reach the websites you need without any disruption or inconsistency in service. Social media sites, web browsers, and any site censored by a country’s government can be accessed by using PrivateVPN. By using PrivateVPN while in the UK, you will be able to access any content that has been restricted by the UK government or the communications regulatory agency Ofcom. 

Secure Your Data

When you browse the internet from your ISP, your personal information is extremely vulnerable. Your passwords, banking information, social media, file-sharing activity, and browsing history–as well as your geographical location–are vulnerable to discovery by hackers and identity thieves when you browse or stream content online. This is especially the case when you’re using an unsecured network in a public location. A high-quality VPN offers complete protection from bad actors on the internet by creating a secure tunnel for your data from your ISP to a VPN server. 

Using PrivateVPN every time you’re on the internet hides your IP address and thus your geographical location. It also ensures that none of your data or browsing activity will be recorded, as it often is with unprotected browsing. PrivateVPN utilizes military-level 2048-bit encryption technology. When you use our UK VPN, you are ensuring that your personal data will never be compromised. We guarantee protection of your internet activity, banking information, work data, social media profiles, photos, emails, passwords, and much more. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with VPN protection every time you turn on your device.

Browse with Speed

A common complaint about VPNs is that the security and anonymity they provide comes with a price: slow browsing and streaming speeds. This is particularly the case with free VPNs, which are often highly trafficked.

PrivateVPN gives you the best of both worlds, providing a safe yet seamless internet experience with lightning-fast streaming and browsing. When you’re using PrivateVPN as your UK VPN, you’ll never have to worry about your work being slowed down by sluggish loading rates or your streaming being interrupted by buffering. Choose PrivateVPN to enjoy the fastest UK VPN available.

Get The Best UK VPN

PrivateVPN is the premiere VPN solution for secure, speedy web browsing and streaming anywhere in the world. We have designed the VPN that we wanted to see in the marketplace. PrivateVPN customers love our optimized features: 

No data logging

No data logging

PrivateVPN is governed by Swedish privacy laws, which forbid the recording of web activity. We will have no idea what you’re doing online.

Military-grade 2048-bit encryption technology

Military-grade 2048-bit encryption technology

We don’t take any chances with your data, and we’re proud of our record of zero data breaches.

Lightning-fast browsing and streaming

Lightning-fast browsing and streaming

With our excellent streaming speed and performance, you’ll never have to worry about the sluggish loading or buffering that often accompanies free VPN apps.

Easy installation

Easy installation

Download the PrivateVPN app and connect instantly through our intuitive process.

Free, top-tier customer service

Free, top-tier customer service

If you have any problems with VPN installation or use, contact our in-house support team through email or web chat. We are happy to provide remote desktop assistance completely free!

Access to servers in 63 countries and counting

Access to servers in 63 countries and counting

PrivateVPN offers secure, rapid internet connection to a server in the UK or in locations across the globe. You’ll have a seamless internet experience wherever you live or travel. You’ll also be able to connect to a UK server wherever you travel so you can easily access UK content that may be blocked in your current region.

Connect up to ten devices

Connect up to ten devices

Protect all of the devices in your household.

money back guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that PrivateVPN is the best VPN for the UK that we offer a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee. Simply choose your subscription, try a free VPN in the UK for 30 risk-free days, and cancel if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A VPN Legal in the UK?

Many potential customers ask us, “Is a VPN legal in the UK?” and the answer is yes! It is completely legal to download a VPN to protect your data and privacy while in the UK. 

So, when is VPN illegal in the UK? Illegal use of a VPN in the UK includes If you are sharing files illegally or participating in any other unlawful activities online.

In short, downloading and using a UK VPN is completely legal, as long as you are utilizing it for safety and security purposes and are not participating in illegal activities.

How Do I Change VPN To UK?

It’s easy to learn how to change VPN to UK. Simply open the PrivateVPN app on your device and select the London or Manchester server. It’s that easy! Visit our Server Locations page to view our full 63-country VPN server list.

I Live In the UK, should I use a VPN?

Yes. We recommend using a secure VPN whenever you’re online, anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are not restricted by geographical borders. Although the internet connects us around the world in primarily positive ways, it also makes us vulnerable to risks from every part of the world. 

Additionally, it has become known that the UK government tracks web activity for surveillance purposes. Using a UK VPN protects your anonymity when you are online. If you’re unsure how to get a UK VPN, visit our website or contact our support team!

Can I Use a Free VPN In UK?

While there are free VPNs available in the UK, we don’t recommend using them. Free VPNs vary considerably in the level of privacy and security they provide, and their accessibility often comes with a cost. For instance, free VPNs have been known to transfer malware to user’s computers up to 38 percent of the time. In addition, you’re likely to be bothered by frequent, pushy advertising when you use a free VPN. Not only will these ads interrupt your viewing experience, but they are also designed so that it’s easy to accidentally click on them. You may suddenly find yourself connected to a sketchy website when you were only trying to close out of the ad. Subscription-based services don’t need ad revenue to stay afloat, so you’ll never have to worry about unwanted marketing while you’re using them.

Privacy-focused VPN services like PrivateVPN pride themselves on keeping your personal data and browsing history completely confidential. Free VPNs, in contrast, often support themselves in part by logging your personal information and selling it to third parties. Ironically, the app you download to keep your information secure may actually be doing just the opposite. 

If your motive for downloading a VPN has to do with streaming international content that is typically geoblocked, be forewarned that free VPNs are often unable to unblock content such as UK Netflix or iPlayer. Even if you’re able to gain access to these geoblocked sites, the streaming speed will likely not be fast enough to support buffering-free viewing.

Along these lines, internet access via free VPN servers is also very slow. With so many users drawn to the promise of free VPN service, the networks are often extremely sluggish. Many of them also offer limited bandwidth in hopes that you’ll decide to upgrade to their paid version out of frustration. At the end of the day, with VPNs you typically get what you pay for. With affordable subscription rates like PrivateVPNs, going the paid route is a no-brainer.

Free VPN services tend to do the bare minimum to protect you. Although they do provide a protected data tunnel for your internet use, they often connect to only a few VPN servers. This means that your data is less anonymous than it would be with a premium service offering a variety of server choices. They are unlikely to have advanced security features such as leak protection or a kill switch that shuts off internet access in the event of a VPN disconnection. 

If you are still considering using a free VPN, make sure to research the ones with the highest security rankings. And although PrivateVPN is a subscription-based service, you are welcome to try PrivateVPN FREE for 30 days, risk-free!