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Strong Encryption for Secure VPN Service

The Most Secure VPN Connections

PrivateVPN keeps your IP address, your location, your Internet activity and your personal communication private to protect your identity. No one can monitor your online activity or gain access to your data and personal information.

PrivateVPN provides great security tools to maximize our users’ privacy. All our servers utilize military-grade AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption code with 2048-bit DH key to ensure that your Internet connection is always secured — and we do this without slowing your speed or interrupting your connection.

Secure Encryption

At PrivateVPN, we use protocols that provide strong VPN encryption between our VPN servers and your device. Encryption protects the digital data stored on your devices or transmitted via the Internet, keeping your data private from ISPs, surveillance, cyber hackers and other third parties. How does it work? Encryption converts electronic data into ciphertext, which is unreadable without the correct key to transform it back into plain text. Only authorized parties have access to this key.

AES 256 means that if someone wants access to your data, he or she would have to try an astounding number of distinct combinations — 2 to the 256th power, as a matter of fact — to successfully hack into your files. PrivateVPN provides all our users with this high level of security, the same security employed by the U.S. government and military. Whether you’re an Internet or social user, a gamer, a student, a world traveler or simply a citizen seeking to secure your data and identity from prying eyes, you need the secure connection that PrivateVPN provides.

Privacy Protection in Public

Did you know that public Wi-Fi is not at all secure? With PrivateVPN, you’re protected even when connecting to the Internet via public Wi-Fi hotspots. If you’re on the road, at the airport, in your local library, enjoying a latte in your favorite coffee shop, or checking your email at the mall, rest assured that PrivateVPN is on the job!

Let us help you prevent eavesdropping, data snooping and information theft in public Wi-Fi hotspots. PrivateVPN secures your connection by creating security layers over all our tunneled connections, preventing access to your data not only from unscrupulous people sitting around you, but also from any criminal on the Internet. Even if someone does access your data when you’re using a public connection, our encryption prevents him or her from being able to decipher your data — all he or she sees is gibberish.