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OpenVPN - Viscosity

Step 1

Download Viscosity from
Run the downloaded file.

Step 2

Drag Viscosity onto the application icon to install.

Step 3

Enter your Mac user password.

Step 4

Go to applications and start Viscosity.
On the question on if you're sure about open the file, click on "Open".

Step 5

Click on the Viscosity icon and select Preferences...

Step 6

Download the configurations files for OpenVPN here:
Extract the files some place on your hard drive.

Step 7

Click on "+" -> Import Connection -> From File...

Step 8

Browse to location were you saved configuration files and select privatvpn and then click Open.

Step 9

Click on the Viscosity icon and select a server you want to connect to.

Step 10

Enter your user name and password for PrivateVPN.

Step 11