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Step 1

Login to website client page: https://privatevpn.com/account/login

Step 2

Proceed to Control Panel: https://privatevpn.com/control-panel

Step 3

Select your preferred VPN location.

Step 4

for this guide, we will select a Sweden-based server. Click Generate Config.

Step 5

The WireGuard login will be generated below. Take note of the details.

Step 6

Right-click on the network icon below and then select Edit Connections...

Step 7

Click + sign to add a VPN profile.

Step 8

Select WireGuard from the list and then click Create...

Step 9

Enter the following configurations:
Connection Name: (any name would do)
Interface name: wg0
Private key: (your PrivateKey)
*refer to generated details.
Click Add Peers.

Step 10

Enter the following:
Public key: (your PublicKey)
Allowed IPs:, ::/0
Endpoint: se-sto.pvdata.host:3389
Click Apply.

Step 11

Go to IPv4 Settings tab then enter the following:
Method: Manual
Click Add.
Address: (your WireGuard Address)
Netmask: 16
DNS servers:
Click Save.

Step 12

Left-click on the network icon below > VPN Connections > click the VPN profile that you have created to connect.

Connection Success!

Wait for a few seconds then check your IP address and see if everything is working correctly.